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Flexible packaging is breaking the ice in the frozen food world! Have you ever thought about the reasons why it’s a great choice for frozen food products? From digital printing on plastic pouches to consumer convenience, here are five reasons to choose flexible packaging.

  1. Digital Printing

If you’re a manufacturer, state-of-the-art digital printing means you can easily adorn your frozen food packaging with the graphics, text and information that help consumers choose, store and prepare their contents. In addition to showcasing enticing product photos or artistic renderings, digital printing allows you to display barcodes, expiry dates and special promotions. For these reasons, digital printing is a powerful sales tool.

  1. Superior Sealing

Flexible packaging comes with a variety of sealing options that are well-suited to frozen food. No matter whether you choose to package your frozen food products in pillow or stand-up pouches, you can choose from side and quad seal designs and other options such as press-to-close zippers. The result is a flexible, resealable package that protects and preserves its contents for all to enjoy at their convenience.

  1. Super Storage

Flexible packaging typically means greater storage options for the frozen food manufacturer, retailer and consumer. You can more easily and safely manipulate a flexible package containing frozen peas, for example, to fit into all sizes of freezers and coolers than a rigid box or carton of the same product. Manufacturers have designed a world of storage options that benefit retailers and consumers:

  • Bottom- and side-gusset pouches
  • Child-resistant packaging
  • Lay-flat and stand-up pouches
  • Press-to-close zippers
  • Tear notches and hang holes

These packaging innovations mean retailers and consumers can store and use their frozen food products in a way that best fits their retail or living space and lifestyle.

  1. Green Packaging

In today’s markets, flexible packaging is often synonymous with green packaging. Flexible packaging can reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use because it has a higher product-to-package ratio and requires fewer transportation trucks. Many flexible packaging manufacturers are using recyclable film that offers the same functionality and style as multiple material structures. Thanks to its easy storage and recyclable nature, flexible packaging has fast become a commodity that manufacturers, retailers and consumers turn to for everyday use.

  1. Consumer Convenience

While today’s consumers increasingly seek green packaging, they also seek convenient packaging. Flexible packaging hits all the right consumer notes when you consider that it’s not only easy to store and transport but also has an extended shelf life and is resealable and microwaveable. In today’s fast-paced world, individuals and households want the packaging that suits their busy lives and allows them to consume the freshest food possible without worry or hassle.

These five reasons are the tip of the figurative iceberg when it comes to the benefits of flexible packaging for frozen food products. If you want to see recent innovations in the flexible packaging industry, check out your local grocery store or supermarket’s frozen food section. It’s the place where you’ll find the latest advancements in digital printing on plastic pouches, pouch design and sealing options.

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