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Particular fiber types are in the category of foods for weight lose. They also fight constipation and lowers levels of blood sugar. Recommended intake is thirty-eight grams for men and twenty-five grams for women daily. 

Nevertheless, many people are eating half of the amount daily. It is fortunate that increasing intake of fiber is quite easy. You only have to integrate foods for weight lose in your diet with high percentage fiber. Below are high fiber foods which are satisfying and healthy. 

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Black beans

When there is corn during the summer, black bean salad is all you want. It matches with all things that are cooked by grilling. 

However, in winter, this vegetarian black bean is used with sweet potato chili. Can you imagine the comforting carbs and sweetness against heat coming from chipotle peppers? 

Black beans come with fifteen grams of fiber in each cup, and are sources of thiamine, manganese, and folate. These nutrients will make you feel good. 


Peas are among the best foods for weigh lose. The simplest method of cooking peas is by simmering them in salt water, until when they become tender for five minutes. Fresh mints are great with ham, soare onions, and peas. 

Using pureeing veggies to formulate a base for this protein make them to be very special. This pea puree and soared scallops recipe takes close to fifteen minutes to prepare. It has eight grams in one cup, and has high contents of vitamin C and A. 

Lima beans

To be honest, lima beans are among the most hated veggies. It may be because many people grew pushing boiled limas under the lettuce leaf. 

But the good news is that limas have to be prepared with bacon. These babies of starch require help. Like an easy recipe of lima with bacon. It brings creamy tenderness which seasons them well. 

In this lima bean and leek soup, the leeks and beans get sautéed in bacon fat, then simmered in chicken, then pureed in natural creamy soup. 

The recipes above give lima a very good taste and you can easily start calling them their old name “butter beans”. They have thirteen grams of fiber per serving. 


Broccoli is a controversial healthy vegetable that is worth working on a relationship. It has five grams of fiber in each cup and is also a powerhouse of vitamin C and A. 

The recipe for steamed broccoli is basic in the write-up and is a foundation for cheese sauce. 

Have you noticed how many people would like to eat broccoli florets? The recipe for paleo broccoli is a revelation of deliciousness and uses broccoli stems. 


Avocado is a fruit technically. Its fresh flavour and creamy consistency have made it a populous toast at local coffee houses. The best way of making it is by mashing. 

Avocado is one of the foods for weight lose and adds goodness to inspired chicken, radish salad, avocado, and black bean. 

Did you know it is a healthy, undetectable, and awesome ingredient? Everybody loves this dessert since it has six grams of fiber in each half avocado. A few foods require a super foods title to be more than an avocado. 

Bran flakes

If you are in the game of playing passwords and you had the word bran, the answer will be; do you know muffins? Store-bought muffins are very sweet by half; therefore you can use this recipe that gets its texture from buttermilk. 

Do not get ashamed to admit dinner is a cereals bowl. One serving of bran flakes contains seven grams of fiber. Banana and milk adds potassium and calcium. 

Whole-wheat pasta

With a sauce, this pasta cannot be distinguished from the white flour cousin known as G.I. this wheat carbonara is great with the right amounts of bacon and parmesan. 

This pasta stands up to a great sauce of broccoli and chicken sausage. Including veggies in the sauce boosts six grams of fiber in a cooked cup. 


Fiber is a vital nutrient on the front of foods for weight lose. It also lowers levels of blood sugar, and fights constipation. The majority of individuals do not meet the required daily intake of thirty-eight grams for men and twenty-five grams for women. Add foods from the list above to increase your fiber intake. 

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