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Have you added benches to your commercial or residential setting but it is failing to make its mark as intended? Well, then you are certainly missing out on the best products. It is very easy to get attracted by a number of picnic and garden benches available at the offline stores but at that time, one is not able to understand their specific needs properly. As a result, they buy a product that doesn’t fit well or meet their requirements in the right manner. So, what could be done in such a case? The best course of action here is to look for hardwood garden benches on trusted site online. This is where you can check out various attractive and practical garden benches in various sizes. As all the information will be available at one place, it will be much easier to make an informed decision and to also make most out of the money you are investing in it. Listed below are some top styles that you can easily find online and make a part of your business space or residential.

Round Iroko 8 Seater Picnic Bench

Tables that are round in shape are always in demand and highly loved by interior enthusiasts. Luckily, round tables are not just limited to interior spaces and can also be added to exterior spaces, complementing its natural surrounds. So, if you want an amazing outdoor setting, then you must go with Round Iroko 8 Seater Picnic Bench, which is eye-catchy and spacious. It is also wheelchair accessible, so if you are putting it to commercial use, visitors would love using it, preferring to sit out to eat and drink. 

Cranham Picnic Bench 1.5m

Looking for a Hardwood Bench that has the old world charm and transport one to the Stone Age setting? Check out Cranham Picnic Bench 1.5m, which is not only amazing looking but also robust in nature. Being outdoors, there is always the risk of theft or vandalism; however, this bench is made to be vandal proof. The corners are added for safety and comfort, working best for parks, schools, colleges, business complexes and eateries. The bench doesn’t need a lot of maintenance for years, adding more to the comfort level of the owner. 

X Frame

X Frame is a highly popular Hardwood Garden Bench UK because of its stylish and contemporary design. Interlocking cross-framed design is robust in nature and gives a lot of stability. The seats have the extra depth that offers the utmost comfort. The highly durable wood allows the bench to easily withstand harsh weather conditions all around the year, without losing its beauty in the wake. Before the bench reaches you, it is also treated with 2 coats of micro-porous Teak water repellent.

Cranham Picnic Bench 1.8m 

Want a little longer picnic bench, then do take a look at the Cranham Picnic Bench 1.8m, which is made from green oak sleepers that are fully sanded offering you eased edges and rounded corners for added comfort. It can be put to almost any environment, whether commercial or residential. Furthermore, it doesn’t require maintenance, as it is able to withstand British weather for many years with complete ease. You can either choose a surfaced or root fixed bench according to your independent requirements and the company will be happy to comply. 

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