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Let’s start by saying that hiring an attorney for filing for divorce in Connecticut is not mandatory. If you have come to a conclusion that you cannot continue with your marriage, the first step is to seek counseling.

It is always best to seek as many steps as possible to save your marriage. However, if divorce becomes an eventuality, it is wise to hire an attorney.

Working with one of experienced local divorce attorneys can help in many ways. In this post, we are sharing five serious reasons why you definitely need to hire a divorce attorney.

  1. Get expert advice. Connecticut is a no-fault state, which means that one spouse doesn’t have to blame another spouse to file for divorce. It is enough to state the marriage has irretrievably broken down. However, knowing the process and steps is important, for which a divorce lawyer can be incredibly useful.
  2. Protect your rights and interests. Even if you agree with your spouse on matters related to the divorce, you need someone who will protect your rights and interests. In Connecticut, the same lawyer cannot appear for both spouses, so you have to consider hiring a divorce attorney by your side anyway, so that you don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.
  3. Discuss important issues. The third important reason to hire a divorce attorney is to discuss various important factors that matter for your separation. The list may include things like division of assets, allocation of debts, spousal support, parenting plan, and child custody & support.
  4. Handle the paperwork better. Your divorce attorney is the best person to decide if the paperwork is done right. If you are filing for divorce, your attorney will help in filing the papers, and they will ensure that you don’t sign anything that is not in your favor.
  5. Avoid mistakes and delays. Not to forget, your divorce attorney will ensure that you don’t make any of the expensive mistakes that can impact the outcome of the divorce. Your lawyer will also ensure that any negotiation to be done with the attorney of your spouse is handled by them.

Before you hire an attorney, make sure that you select someone who knows the state laws of Connecticut and has been practicing family law for years at a stretch. If needed, ask the law firm to share a few references, and check for reviews online.

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