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false accident claims

In Nevada, all drivers are required to carry liability insurance. In case someone gets injured because of the person’s fault behind the wheel, their insurance company will pay the victim a fair compensation, after an investigation has been done. What is the accident claim filed by the other driver is fault and bogus? Yes, false accident claims are common, and many people may seem fine after an accident, only to file a claim days later. Like many people, you probably have one question in mind – How do I defend the false accident claim against me?  Here are some things to know about false accident claims in Nevada.


Understanding different circumstances

There are many noted cases, where people exaggerate injuries suffered in a car accident, hoping for a bigger and better settlement. It is also not rare to come across cases, where accidents have been staged, so that one can ask for money from the insurer of the at-fault party. There are two kinds of false accident claims. The first one is a soft fraud, where the other party may claim that they have suffered minor injuries or soft tissue injury after an accident, but it wouldn’t be easy to quantify the same. In contrast, hard fraud injuries are usually staged or completely fraudulent. For instance, you were driving, and the other person was looking for a moment when they found you distracted and slammed their brakes. This can lead to an accident that will totally look like your fault.


What can you possibly do?

If the other party’s claim is a small one which is within or equal to the coverage you have, your insurance company may just pay and get done with the claim. However, if the amount is huge and the insurance company feels that the claim isn’t worth what is being claimed, they will hire a lawyer and defend you. In a rare case, where a person doesn’t have liability insurance in Nevada, they will need to hire a personal injury lawyer on their own and defend themselves. Either ways, it is wise to talk to an attorney. Also, if you ever get injured or involved in an accident, inform your insurer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will further guide you on the investigation and how to gather evidence, so that you don’t have to pay huge in settlement for a false accident claim.

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