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5 Smartphone Apps Every Animal Lover Should Have

Nowadays, the smartphone animal apps are considered the most optimal option for caring for your pets. This is a good news for animal lovers. If you want to make easier and more enjoyable to take care of your pet, you should definitely download smartphones apps. We have included only the popular smartphone apps on our list which have been selected by the experts and these apps have proved to be the most useful for animal lovers.


Tagg (Free with Tagg Tracker)

This is one of the most popular and useful smartphone apps. This app has been quite appreciated by the animal lover. Because of the tracking system of the app, it has proved to be different from other apps. With the help of the Tagg pet tracking system, if they get out of the house you can track your pet very easily. That’s why this smartphone app is quite popular. You will have to buy the Tagg GPS tracker for this app. The cost of the tracker is $99. This tracker is attached with the collar of your pets. This smartphone app helps you to see the location of your animal. Not only this, you can also get directions to get them with the help of this app. Whenever your rabbit gets out of the house, at the same time you will get notifications. As a result, you can immediately focus on your animal. Apart from finding your lost pet, it tracks your pet’s activity and it is very helpful in providing the best decisions about animal health.



According to our experts, this smartphone app can play an important role for you if you are an animal lover. It is commonly found that animal owners may have to go out of the house for many days to spend their holidays or for personal work. Going out of the house for several days can become a cause of concern for an animal owner because an animal cannot stay alone at home. It is necessary for someone to stay at home to take care of him or her. But now you do not need to worry. This smartphone app offers lists of cage-free pet boarding in your region. If you want to download this app, firstly enter your zip code. Whatever service you want to get, select them. For example, you can choose any type of services such as boarding, daycare, and walking. This smartphone app also provides a list of pet care professionals. This app is available for iPhone and Android.



PupTox is one of the most useful and popular smartphone apps that can be a good choice for you. This smartphone app can help you to take care of your animal’s health. As you know most animals have a habit of eating or chewing household items or other things. As a result, many things can also be poisonous for your animals. Eating weird things can have a bad effect on your animal’s health. With the help of this smartphone app you can find out what is harmful to your animal’s health. PupTox app provides a list of food and non-food items that are toxic for your animal. This app will alert you immediately if your animal is eating a toxic thing. It also gives you an immediate notification if your animal needs to be taken to the veterinarian. The cost of this smartphone app is $0.99 and it is available for iPhone and Android.



This is the latest smartphone app that is very interesting and useful app. We recommend you to download the app because it can prove to be very useful for you. If you have a lot of dogs, there can be a perfect mix of breeds. However, there are many people who can make good guesses of mix breed. Well, this app helps you to estimate dog breed accurately. This smartphone app created by Microsoft. You will have to enter a photograph of your dog in this app to guess the breed. It has been found that more than 100 breeds are listed in this app. So it’s a good start for getting to know your new dog better. This smartphone app is available only for iPhone.



This smartphone app can be a good option for an animal lover. You might be thinking that why you need this app? According to our experts, this is the only wonderful app which helps you find a trained and certified dog walker in your region. You can schedule dog walks and also pay with the help of this smartphone app. The other main feature of this app is that you can track the route where your dog is walking. Through this app, you can even choose the dog walkers on the basis of the photos. Despite all these features, this is a totally free app.


Final thoughts

At the end of this article, we hope this article will prove beneficial for you. Apart from the above smartphone animal apps, your needs may vary. However, according to your needs, if you think we should have included more apps in this article then you can leave your suggestion in the comment section.


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