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Wine is an alcoholic drink made with grapes by the process of fermentation. It goes to a lot of procedures from harvesting the right fruit to crushing them, fermenting, clarifying and aging them until it is ready to serve in a bottle. That is how precious a wine can be and how it gives satisfaction to the ones who drink it. It is not just a simple alcoholic drink, it takes determination, patience, and discipline to have a very luscious wine and that is how Screaming Eagle was made.


Screaming Eagle is considered one of the most expensive wine, during the year of 2000 in the Auction Napa Valley a 6 liter Royal bottle of 1922 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon sold for $500,000. That is how a man can give up to have a cult wine like Screaming Eagle. Let us know more reasons why does this wine is being glorified with many enthusiast people.

It Takes Decades To Own A Screaming Eagle Wine

This cult wine will keep you waiting for years to sip the Screaming Eagle. You will need to be part of the winery’s mailing list to buy this expensive wine. Surprisingly, it is not easy to be on the waiting list, a winemaker once interviewed, and he confessed that it took 12 years for him to be on the mailing list. Well, that can be your advantage so that you will still have enough time to save up for the price of one bottle.


Fortunately, you can already purchase a bottle in Sokolin Screaming Eagle. The production of this wine is sporadic because it only takes a cult winemaker to make a Screaming Eagle cult wine. To give a little history this cult winemaker we are talking about is Heidi Peterson Barrett and the making of this wine takes place at a reclusive winery in Napa Valley’s Oakville during 1990.

Remarkable Ingredients of  “Screagle” (Screaming Eagle Wine)

“Screagle” was made in a very exclusive vineyard in Napa Valley’s Oakville that is very near in Silverado Trail. The whole vineyard area was 48.21 acres and planted with different uniques varieties which are  Cabernet Sauvignon, and it is the world’s most perceived red wine grape. It can only grow among distinct spectrum in Canada’s Okanagan Valley and Lebanon Beqaa Valley. It is mixed with Merlot a dark blue wine grape that commonly used as a blending grape with the combination of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon blanc a green vine that originated from France. All of these precious ingredients are being gathered to create a cult wine called Screaming Eagle Wine and preserved in a bottle since 1992.

A  Status Rendering Cult Wine

Due to the limited production of this cult wine and many years of waiting to have a bottle of the Screaming Eagle, it will ask you for a high price. The 1992 vintage bottle was $50, and now a new bottle will cost $300 and limited to 3 bottles only and they only supply 500 cases per year. But if you are not on the waiting list, then it will be more expensive for you.


You will be lucky enough to get it in an auction for a lower price, but that can be a dream after all. On some wine market like Sokolin Screaming Eagle, the price of a 2006 Screaming Eagle will cost you $4,200.00 for 750 ml only. However, this the younger Screaming Eagle wine only the amount of the vintage will blow your mind. This wine deserves its price as it was awarded  99 points an almost perfect score from the most famous wine critic Robert Parker.



We can never blame these enthusiast people who will do everything to get a bottle of cult wine like Screaming Eagle because it has everything that a man is craving for. You are not only buying an ordinary alcoholic drink but a legendary wine. If you are a wine addict, then it can make your dream come true.


However, for some people who are not a wine fanatic then it may sound crazy to pay a significant amount just for this, and that is why it is classified as a luxury thing. If you only need a drink that can complete your occasions like celebrating success, anniversary, wedding or a gathering, then there are a lot of different choices you can purchase in the market which made with almost the same ingredient (grapes) and that taste nearly identical. You can read more guidelines available online to know how to pick a great wine at a reasonable price.  Be wise in buying a good bottle of wine.

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