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ITIL course ensures effective service management i.e. registered under the trademark of AXELOS that consists of five volumes.  Along with this, the main criteria are to address service design with strategy and service operation with a transition, to sustain continual service improvement. Under the ITIL foundation certification, there are several certifications offered depending on the candidate’s level of experience. There are around four to five certifications, depending on the pathway aspirant chooses to pursue. Each certification gives you in-depth knowledge of several elements of the ITIL course.

  1. Significance of ITIL foundation

The ITIL Training Certification Dubai comprises a gold-standard reputation within the ITIL scalability. Since 2017, ITIL has attained a continued growing position in the IT industry, with completion of two-decades of its implementation. Below are certain examples that are exhibited as per current IT industry scenario:

  1. Solves major productivity and cost issues

An IT industry in the Dubai is facing issues in terms of costing and productivity that has outlaid them with £35billion per year. As per the report, the major issues that consist of the IT industry are -Outdated software, Connection failures, and Slow-running systems and equipment. The ITIL process helps in rectifying issues that appear to be costly with a proactive approach towards solving problems.  Here utilization of Incident and Problem Management teams problems can easily escalate.

  1. Encouraging Digital Transformation

Embracing technology with the utilization of Digital transformation is adapted by businesses for conducting their operations and services. The combination of IT departments and various businesses is an essential need to undergo a digital transformation for smooth running systems.  With the help of ITIL, today’s tech-savvy customers are looking forward to getting things done instantly. Becoming digitalized, ITIL teaches companies to attain success through adapting innovations and encouraging improvements in Continual Service Improvement.

  1. Fend off Cybersecurity threats

All organizations fear a threat of losing their hard-earned data to cybercrime. Since 2015, cybercrime costs around 6 trillion annually around the world. ITIL thus assists the industries to integrate security by introducing it to routine IT operations. ITIL Foundation believes in encouraging a culture of shared responsibility and thus assists stakeholders to take their ownership of cybersecurity with utmost care. An ITIL process includes Incident and Problem Management, where Incident Management deals in various breaches, and Problem management on the other hand identifies cybersecurity vulnerability.

  1. ITIL Certification Examination

ITIL is a framework that enhances business service processes. It thus helps in uplifting your skills on your resume as well. After the completion of this course, an IT director with ITIL skills earns 126000 dollars per year, as per some sources from PayScale. Along with which the associated IT directors earns around 19 percent more and also attain a 21 percent increase in their salary, isn’t that amazing?

ITIL is the entry-level course where you require at least 65 percent to cover answering on the 60minute exam. The ITIL examination consists of around 40 multiple-choice questions.  If you indeed have passed, out the foundation exam and want to move towards the ITIL Intermediate Level certification that entails two paths i.e., Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. You can earn another ITIL Practitioner Certification soon later attempting and completing the foundation course exam.

Tips and tricks for successful results in the upcoming ITIL examination

  • Determine to target your exam date

When you begin considering the attainable target, the first thing you need to work on is the date and days remaining for you to begin with a desired-plan. Several successful ITIL Foundation achievers recommend dedication, scheduling, availability, and dedication.

  • Prepare your study-plan (Hours you can dedicate)

Dedication of 12-14 hours daily and ensure that you begin with the preparation almost 9 weeks before the exam. If you are a full-time working professional, you can at least plan around before 6-8weeks before. You need to work on your practice session too, so manage accordingly.

  • Take notes

ITIL foundation exam consists of various sessions complete one after another as there are a lot of concepts, formulas, etc within the ITIL Training. When you sit for the lectures, you need to take notes of your ITIL foundation study and keep preparing for the same.

  • Practice sessions

Practise makes a man perfect, passing out your ITIL V4 exam requires ample of practicing. There are around 200 practice questions, quizzes at the end of each section along with 2 samples of model exam papers in the ITIL foundation. Consider attaining 70percent, if you check the answer, find anything-wrong work on it accordingly, and crack it.

  • Workout where you lack conceptual understanding thoroughly

Once you finish your ITIL examination revisions done, jump on to answers that went wrong. This will ensure that you have an understanding of all the areas when you work on your mistakes. Ensure that you read questions properly and answer them once you are fully prepared.

  • Make a habit to go through concepts every day

Every day you need to go through the notes that you have for your ITIL examination. ITIL foundation is a long-way route so all the sections that you have completed earlier might require some revisions and refreshments. So, memorize the study over the notes frequently. Take around 15-20 minutes every day for your revision sessions.

  • One day before Preparation of ITIL foundation exam

Once you sincerely abide by all the above-mentioned details on the given tips or ticks, you are now ready for the final day. Keep all your resources ready and make sure that you stay organized on the main exam day.

Taking courses at the best ITIL academy can help you achieve higher goals in the coming future with ITIL exam cost as inexpensive. This exam ensures that the aspirants get the best spots in your IT firms with the expected salaries. Thus focusing on the main aspect of exam practicing and refreshing the past concepts done with a motive of scoring 70 percent in the exam, will finally help you reach your goals with the efforts that you indulge.

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