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If you want to convey a message to someone, then videos are the best platform for you. Especially when your target audience is vast. Videos have an emotional worth to them, making it easy for people to connect with the content. Though written and other forms of content are efficient too, videos stand better than them in creating an impact. The reason behind it is scientifically proven that the visual memories of humans are strongest. In simple words, what people can see, they can believe it better. That gives you an excellent opportunity to send a message that people will remember for the longest time. 


Further, when it comes to the file sizes, videos lead that list too. As there is a demand for high-quality videos, you have to ensure that you deliver nothing but the best quality. Only then your videos would be appreciated because no one likes to watch videos on low-quality. That brings in the problem of saving the video files and transmitting them on high-speed. These huge file sizes create a problem in both of the factors. But it does not mean you should compromise on the quality of the videos. 


So what is the solution then? There is a straightforward solution to your problem, i.e., compress to MP4. Videos compression means squeezing the video to a smaller file size so that it can fit in less storage while maintaining its quality. 


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Benefits Of Video Compression

Here are a few benefits you can obtain by compressing the videos to MP4 format. 


  • Less Storage: As mentioned above, videos take the most abundant storage of all content forms. That means you need to have ample space to save a lot of videos, especially when all of them are high-quality videos. For that purpose, you will have to maintain a physical storage infrastructure, or you will take help from cloud services. In either of the cases, there will be a lot of money investment. To avoid this, you can compress the videos so that they can fit in your available storage. 
  • Faster Transfer: You are not making the videos for yourself, are you? You definitely want these videos to reach your target audience, so you need to transfer them. Even if you are uploading them on the internet, there will be a lot of uploads and downloads related to your videos. To make your work efficient and not to waste a lot of your internet in every upload, you should compress the videos to smaller file sizes. 


Along with these two benefits, compressed videos are also easy to read and write from the storage. A larger video will take more time to load as compared to a smaller video. So compressing the videos will also save this time. 


Video Compression With UniConverter

There are numerous applications that you can use for compressing the videos to MP4. Then why should you use UniConverter? The reason for you to prefer this tool is its features. UniConverter leads all other tools with its extremely efficient features. Here are a few of them. 



If you are working with a lot of videos, the last thing you want is a tool that will take forever to understand. And most of the video compressing tools are like that. In order to incorporate more features, the creators of these tools end up making them complicated for you to use. However, that is not the case with UniConverter. Irrespective of what version of the tool you use, online or desktop, it will be a simple three-step procedure to compress all your available videos into MP4 format. 


No Watermarks

In order to promote themselves, most video compressing and editing tools add a watermark in every video that passes through their platform. When you upload your compressed video online, people will see where you worked with your videos. But you will not face any such trouble with the UniConverter because it does not add any watermarks in the videos. So you can upload them wherever you want without disclosing your secret of compression. 


Multiple Resolution Support

Video compressing is all about the resolution of the videos, and it is where most tools create trouble for you. They take specific resolution and formats of videos as input and work only on them. So you will have to turn all your videos into those particular resolutions and formats. But if you work on UniConverter, there is no such problem. It supports the following resolutions:


  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 20p
  • 1080p
  • 4k


That covers almost all MP4 resolution sizes. Even if you have videos in any other non-standard resolutions, they can be easily compressed using UniConverter. 


Multiple Output Options

Compression is not the only task while working with videos. You also need to take care of the video’s output format, output resolution, and output size. Most of the video compression tools use a standard output for all three factors. That limits your usage of the tool because you then need another tool to get the desired output video. However, UniConverter provides you with enough output resolution, size, and format choices to make your work extremely convenient. 



Your videos are precious, especially when they raw. So you need to ensure that these videos are not misused in any way. For that purpose, UniConverter provides HTTPS (SSL) connection for the website. So that you will not have anything to worry about while uploading your files on the site. Along with that, the tool removes all your unused files from its servers after a few hours of your last use. That means your data is not available on any server without your knowledge. These factors make the tool highly secure. 



With the increasing demand for videos, all content generators must move to video forms. But videos also carry the problem of large file sizes. That means you will have a problem with saving, transferring, and loading these videos. To solve the issue, you can compress the videos in smaller file sizes so that they do not take up much space and process faster. The best tool for your purpose is the UniConverter online video compressor. It provides you with tons of features that help you with video compressing and makes your work easy. 

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