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5 Tips to Bag Better Deals While Shopping Online

While online shopping offers you better deals and discounts overall, are you getting the best offers? Even while most online shoppers aim to make the most out of sales, only a few manage to get the best deals and maximise discounts. This is because online shopping does not always work the way you expect it to.

Here are a few simple tricks that will help you bag the best deal in your every online shopping session.

  1. Add Favourites in Your Cart and Abandon It:

This is a well-known strategy where you pick your favourite products and add them to the cart. Do not checkout yet. This is known as shopping cart abandonment. This showcases that you are very close to making a purchase but just need a push. So, the website may offer you extra discounts or freebies to just nudge you a bit. This may not always work, but it is worth the try.

  1. Wait for Sale Season:

This is a no-brainer. If you are making a purchase from new arrivals, you will always end up paying more. The same merchandise will be available for nearly half the price during the sale season. If you love a pair of shoes from Clarks which costs about Rs. 6000; do not but it yet. You will get the same pair of shoes for Rs. 3000 in the sale season. You just need to be quick to grab the size. This is true about most of the brands you shop from.

  1. Become a Club Member:

Most online shopping sites offer early sale access to their club members. You will get the chance to explore through pre-sale products. This means you can get the discounted products before they get out of stock. If you are making the purchase from a clothing site, you already know that, mostly during the sale season, common sizes like M, L, and XL go off the shelf quickly. You will be left with XS or XXL. Hence, getting an exclusive member-only chance to buy before the sale goes live for everyone is a great way to bag the best offer just like with Macy’s. Prime members can get Macy’s promo code with huge discounts on many exclusive deals.

  1. Make Reliable Purchase:

Grabbing the most discounted deal does not make sense if the product you receive is not up to the mark. Getting the best deal also means purchasing good quality products. The challenge with shopping online is that you do not get to see the products until they are delivered.

Reputed shopping sites like Amazon offer a good return or replacement policy, but you will lose precious time. You can read through the ratings and reviews of products before making a purchase, but statistics reveal people with negative experiences are more motivated to put up reviews than those who have a positive experience; hence you cannot trust user reviews fully. A better way is to check out websites that offer unbiased reviews of popular products in India by experts. They have spent a lot of time offering comprehensive reviews of all popular and best products available on online shopping sites so that you can quickly make a reliable purchase without any hassle.

  1. Make Use of Credit Cards or Cashback Apps:

E-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon offer major discounts when making purchases using a particular credit or debit card throughout the year. This will further reduce the purchase cost. You can also shop through apps that allow cash back, such as Paytm. They allow you to shop from large e-commerce websites and offer you the advantage of getting cash back on your purchase. Make sure to read the terms before availing of any offer.

The Bottom Line:

Online shopping is also a talent that not everyone possess. It is not just about picking the right product but also finding where it is available at the lowest price and will arrive at your doorstep in the shortest span of time. Most sites allow you to return the product if you are not satisfied with its performance; hence, there is not much to worry about when you shop online. If you can get a grasp of all the tricks we have listed above, you are surely going to grab the best deals in most of your shopping sessions. 

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