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Tipping weed delivery driversTipping weed delivery drivers

The legalizing of cannabis has been a welcome move for weed lovers. If you happen to be one, you can surely recollect those days when you had to meet shady people in the illegal market. Often, you had to settle with inferior quality products, but your grievances would be in vain. Thankfully, the legalizing of cannabis by several states recently has brought a sigh of relief for many weed lovers. 

After identifying the best dankhub weed delivery in Milton, you can be sure of the top-quality products arriving at your doorstep. Spare a thought for the person responsible for delivering your favorite product. Maybe, you do not know, they do not earn a fortune by doing this job. On the contrary, those engaged in the profession as weed delivery drivers are not everyone’s favorite. Thus, after receiving the order, you should tip them. Of course, tipping is not mandatory; instead, it is appreciable for the interest of both parties. In this article, we emphasize the reasons that make tipping the weed delivery drivers indispensable. 

Assess the current situation

When most of the population is locked indoors to safeguard from the pandemic, the weed delivery drivers are toiling hard to deliver your orders. Precisely, you are enjoying weed, from the safety of your home owing to these delivery drivers. Often, we spend aimlessly, so why not give that money to the weed delivery drivers? They surely deserve it under the present circumstances. 

Risks associated with the profession

If you compare, weed delivery drivers with the others who deliver items/goods at your home, you are making a huge mistake. Cannabis is an expensive item, and miscreants are on the prowl to catch hold of these weed delivery drivers. Regardless of the variety you order, the products will be pricey, and in the unfortunate event, the driver falls prey to such rogues they can suffer a great financial loss.

Weed delivery drivers get peanuts

Again, looking at the cost of the weed items, you may think everyone associated with the delivery business including the dispensary is making a good amount of money. The aforesaid is rarely applicable for the drivers. Despite, taking all the risks they earn peanuts for their services. Thus, tipping them would not only bring a smile to their faces, but it will also help them to recoup their financial crisis too. 

Tipping drivers can build a good rapport

You are solely dependent on the weed delivery drivers for receiving your orders. Imagine the situation, when you are ready to party with friends and your ordered items do not arrive in time. Understandably, you will keep ordering from the same dispensary once you find a reliable one. By tipping the driver handsomely, the driver will remember you, and schedule the deliveries on time. 

What’s more, once the drivers start appreciating you as the “best tipping” customer, they might even provide you with updates on their location. Thus, you start building a good relationship with the driver.

Tipping can make them feel better

As mentioned earlier, apart from the drivers getting financial help, tipping them also reflects your gesture of appreciation. Rest assured, these drivers deal with various kinds of customers each day, and not everyone interacts with them respectfully. For instance, the dispensary may accidentally ask the driver to deliver a wrong order, and after receiving it, the driver has to face the brunt of the angry customer. A little tip would surely make them feel a lot better.

A little appreciation for their toil

Delivering weed to various corners of the city may sound like a simple job, but it isn’t. Imagine the massive amount of packages they have to deliver to various locations and that too at the right time. Think of the traffic snarls, bad roads, chances of mishaps, and tons of other factors that can affect their service. Yet, these drivers still manage to come up with a way out for delivering the weed to the respective customers at the right time. Such skilful activities should be rewarded in the form of tipping.

Give them tips because you are used to it

Well, the idea of tipping is very personal. Many people are against the idea of tipping. However, you try to appreciate their hard work by tipping. Here, we are not only talking about the weed delivery drivers but to anyone who offers you some kind of service. Even if it is against the company’s policy, you can still go the extra mile and tip them, keep it a secret affair. Now, that you know, the risks and skills these weed delivery drivers require, giving them tips seems all the fairer. 

The bottom line

Even if you are a weed lover, who does not like the idea of tipping, we encourage you to change your mindset. The weed delivery drivers will have high regard for you, and build a lasting relationship. 

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