Thu. May 30th, 2024

Once upon a time, Instagram used to be just a place where kids used to share their photos. But now, it’s a major platform for networking and content marketing, and several brands and individuals use it to grow their audience base.

Currently, Instagram has more than 200 million monthly users. They share 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes every day on an average. What’s more, the average engagement rate on this platform is 58 times that of Facebook, which makes it the perfect place for growing your brand.

If you think you don’t have much of a presence on this platform, you might consider honing your strategies to get some real followers. With a larger follower base, you have more chances to interact with them and thus market your brand and content.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get more followers.

Optimize Your Account

Remember, people should readily associate your photos, username, display picture, and bio with your brand. These things are the keys to building your brand identity. For example, you can drive traffic to your official website by including the link in the bio.

If you are not sure where you should put up the links, you can go through product and marketing pages related to hashtags and keywords on your profile. Recently, link landing pages have become popular on the platform. 

These pages contain links that take a user to the most recent posts on your profile. You should also create a profile name that is closely related to your brand and users can search easily. If you have profiles on other social media platforms, try to maintain a constant theme.

Create Your Own Hashtag

You can always use popular hashtags to make your posts reach a wider audience, but did you know it is possible to create your own hashtag and promote it? This hashtag should be related to a particular campaign or your brand name in general.

This is a great way to enhance your presence on the platform and advertise your campaigns. When you create a hashtag specifically for a campaign, users are likely to use that hashtag in their content, which gives you further publicity.

Keep an Eye on Your Tagged Photos

In order to grow your follower base and keep it steadily rising, you must maintain a good reputation. It is important, therefore, to keep an eye on the type of posts users are tagging your brand in. You can allow users to view all the posts you are tagged in, so you should pay attention to all of them.

But, you don’t want to be tagged anywhere and everywhere, so you can alter the settings so that you can approve which posts appear in your tagged posts. 

Make Good Use of Instagram Reels

If you are still not using Instagram Reels, you are relinquishing the chance to make your business and brand grow. In Instagram’s new navigation bar, the Reels button is placed right at the center and using this feature, you can record short clips and even set background music to it.

In each Instagram profile, you will find a separate section where all the Reels are located, and you can also find them using the Explore page. Through this handy feature, you can make your content go viral, due to which new users can find your brand and engage with it. The algorithm pushes Reels videos to users, so it’s a good time to use this feature for promoting your brand and gaining more followers.

Make Your Own IGTV Series

With people confined to their homes due to the pandemic, several users are searching for entertaining content on Instagram. This is a golden opportunity for you to connect with the Instagram community and reach out to new people. 

In this regard, you need to do the following:

  • Create your own IGTV channel
  • Think about what kind of content would attract your potential customers
  • Ask people to share your videos 

Bonus tip: Avoid Fake Users 

You should avoid purchasing fake followers because:

  • They lower the trust real followers have in you or your brand.
  • You will never get any conversions from bot accounts.
  • Instagram might delete these fake accounts.

Instead, use hashtag generator tools like to find the relevant, trending and right hashtags for your Insta posts to reach more users and grow organically.

Summing Up

As Instagram keeps becoming more and more popular, you can enhance your reach by using the tips mentioned above. Remember to enjoy the process and communicate with your followers in a lighthearted manner. This will create a good experience for them and also improve your reputation.

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