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If you spend most of your day typing or coding, it is definitely worthwhile to replace your normal keyboard with a colorful mechanical keyboard. If you are looking for an excellent typing experience, you need to change to a colorful mechanical keyboard.

What is a colorful mechanical keyboard?

The colorful mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard. In terms of structure, each key of the mechanical keyboard has a separate switch to control closing. This switch is also called “axis”. According to the microswitch classification, a mechanical keyboard is mainly divided into Red switches, Brown switches, Black switches, and Blue switches. It is precisely because every button is composed of an independent micro-motion so that the button has a strong sense of a passage, which produces a special feel suitable for typing and gaming. Mechanical keyboards are not limited to black appearance. Colorful mechanical keyboards on the market are also very popular. For example, Lofree dot keyboard has launched a series of theme colorful mechanical keyboards, such as the yellow duck mechanical keyboard, lipstick mechanical keyboard, milk tea mechanical keyboard, and chocolate mechanical keyboard. A colorful mechanical keyboard is good in performance and beautiful in appearance, which is welcomed by the public.

Why do you need a colorful mechanical keyboard? Here are a few reasons:

Perfect color matching to bring you a good visual experience and a pleasant mood

The unique color of the colorful mechanical keyboard brings happiness to work and life. Yellow is warm and lively; red is passion; green is vitality; pink gold is advanced; chocolate is fashion. The collision and perfect collocation of colors bring different colors to our monotonous work. Perfect color collocation can cure our depressed mood and bring visual pleasure.

When it comes to color matching, Lofree’s Lipstick mechanical keyboard has become a hot topic. Every girl can’t resist lipstick, and applying lipstick theme to color mechanical keyboard creates a unique and beautiful keyboard, which everyone welcomes. If you type with a beautiful keyboard every day, you must be in a delighted mood, and the work seems to be less painful!

A good touch to get the pleasure of fingertips

Many people can’t refuse the color mechanical keyboard because compared with the membrane keyboard, the colorful mechanical keyboard has a unique hand feeling, making the user have a pleasant experience when tapping the keyboard.

The biggest problem with membrane keyboards is that you have to press the keys completely, called “bottoming”. The membrane keyboard has little or no tactile feedback. Without tactile feedback, it is difficult to type up to the bottom every time, which will cause overwork and finger fatigue. However, the colorful mechanical keyboard uses a switch under each key. These switches can withstand 50 million keystrokes and continuous blows so that the fingers will not be too tired. In contrast, a membrane switch usually only lasts 5 to 10 million keystrokes, and then you will understand why the investment in a mechanical keyboard is worthwhile.

Speaking of getting a good typing experience, the Lofree mechanical keyboard is worth recommending. The Lofree dotted mechanical keyboard adopts a retro dotted key design and supports full N-key scrolling, allowing you to get pleasure at your fingertips.

Long service life and DIY function of replacing keycaps

Colorful mechanical keyboards have a longer service life than ordinary membrane keyboards, and good mechanical keyboards will have a service life of more than 10 or even 20 years. The colorful mechanical keyboard can keep the touch of the keys unchanged after a long time of use, while the membrane keyboard cannot achieve it. Besides, for the colorful mechanical keyboard, you can replace the keycaps of the mechanical keyboard by yourself and replace them with keycaps that suit your personality and preferences.

In a word, the cost performance of a colorful mechanical keyboard is beyond your imagination. You deserve to have a color mechanical keyboard. There are many famous mechanical keyboard brands on the market, and you can learn about them. However, I strongly recommend the Lofree dot mechanical keyboard. Lofree dot keyboard has a variety of appearance, such as ink and a gold mechanical keyboard, lipstick mechanical keyboard, yellow duck mechanical keyboard, etc. And it also has good performance. It is a popular colorful mechanical keyboard.

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