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Technology is today more than ever an essential part of our daily lives, as such it only makes sense for mobile app developers and software firms to invest in mobile marketing campaigns that aim to boost consumer retention.

Such investment is no longer considered surplus to requirements, as the goal nowadays for app developers is not only to make users install their mobile app or use it once or twice, but rather prevent them from uninstalling it. This is why in this article, we present 5 of the most efficient types of mobile marketing campaigns that can help you boost retention.


Awareness campaigns are of a vital importance to the success of your consumer retention campaign. Such importance stems from the fact that in order to retain users, you first need to acquire them. And there is no better way to gain new users then to raise awareness of your brand through awareness campaigns, as recent studies have shown that over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product via mobile.


After raising awareness of your brand through mobile marketing campaigns, the next type of campaign that can be used to boost retention among your consumers base is transactional campaigns.

Transactional campaigns can be defined as time-sensitive, automated campaigns that your consumers expect to receive during their interaction with your brand through your mobile app. Studies have shown that transactional campaigns drive about 75-80% higher engagement than any other type of mobile marketing campaign.

Another study conducted on consumer behaviour has shown that, transactional campaigns are the most anticipated medium of communication that consumers agree to receive.


Embarking on a journey headed towards boosting retention of your consumers, requires being capable of engaging your users. This is where promotional marketing campaigns play a key role, as they have been proven to be a very influential tool when it comes to user engagement.

A crucial factor to the success of these promotional campaigns, is finding the sweet spot, as too many campaigns will bore out your users, rendering their perception of the aforementioned campaigns as “uninteresting” or “not special”. Similarly, too few promotional mobile marketing campaigns, might stir up disengagement.


Most brands stop at sending a welcome email to their new consumers. This can be a huge mistake, as not following up the mobile marketing campaign with an onboarding series, may end up causing you to miss priceless opportunities to anchor user engagement and instil loyalty in your consumers, which eventually leads to increased revenue.

Onboarding marketing campaigns consist of a series of follow-up messages that get sent to new users. Thus allowing for a more effective mobile marketing strategy, which in turn will boost consumer retention.

According to a study done by Internet Retailer,  brands and software developers that send a welcome onboarding series see 13% more revenue than those sending a single message. Automated emails get 53% more conversion than stand-alone, broadcast campaigns, and open rates for automated email are 95% higher than for traditional messages.


Lastly, a comprehensive mobile marketing campaign strategy cannot be regarded as exhaustive and complete, if it doesn’t include Opt-In Email marketing.

Opt-In email marketing can be seen as the task of inviting consumers to subscribe to your newsletters or marketing emails’ list. When a consumers activates the proposed Opt-in option, it then allows this marketing process to send the users marketing emails.

As such, Opt-In Email marketing can be a powerful tool, allowing for increased revenue, in condition that it is used in moderation, as sending too many Email, can be perceived by consumers as tiring or burdensome, leading to disengagement.

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