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Writing is an important part of every professional including writers, authors, poets, or story writers. Every professional empowers writing in their profession to reflect on their ideas. The personality of a person can be determined by following their writing style. Writing consists of the main objective such as describing an event, giving an opinion, or writing a story to please the audience. Many writers prefer using the Paraphrasing Tool to improve their writing skills. It helps in enhancing the vocabulary and enables writers to learn new words.

Writing works best when a writer is motivated to write a piece of article. The beginning of a writing process is often difficult for many students because they cannot afford to do anything like do my homework due to their poor writing skills. Every student and writer should know five different types of writing that include: Descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository, and creative writing. Therefore, it is vital to categorize writing style to reflect on writing.

  1. Descriptive Writing

This writing style is used when it comes to describing a particular object, place, or story. It includes a scenario in which the writer explains everything related to an event. It includes a detailed description of an event. We can find descriptive writing in newspapers columns and speeches published on daily basis. This writing style can also be found in journals and poetry.

  1. Persuasive Writing

As the name suggests, this type of writing helps in persuading the audience. The writer presents facts and logical arguments to motivate the audience to agree with his or her opinions. This writing style consists of the personal opinions of the writer and readers are asked to take action calls. Unlike descriptive writing, persuasive writing includes facts and the writer cannot move away from the main writing. Persuasive writing is used in Television or social media advertisements and commercials. This writing style is widely used in essays due to which students turn towards seeking essay help.

  1. Creative Writing

Creative Writing is an open style of writing in which writer presents their ideas without focusing on a particular objective. The objective of it is to express what is in the mind of the writer and effectively spread this knowledge to others. Although there is no intended audience, creative writing is also used in essays, articles, newspaper columns and includes a higher level of emotions.

  1. Expository Writing

This type of writing is the most commonly used and uses logical arguments to describe a particular issue. It also includes a quote, tables, and statistical charts to provide support to logical arguments. For example, a person looking at something on the comparison of computer vs humans would find this writing as the most suitable one. Expository writing is used in business reports, what-to and how-to articles.

  1. Narrative Writing

The word narrative is used to narrate a story or an event. Narrative writing is widely used to tell a story or a famous event. It is a longer type of writing and includes imaginary characters and dialogues between the characters. There are various examples of this writing type in literature such as novels of Shakespeare or other writers. Literature stories, novels, and other historical pieces of writing consist of this writing style.



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