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Easy way to write an essay

As we all know today due to Covid many children don’t know how to write an essay, article, or letter, and many people are facing an issue, an essay is a part of our life, we write essays everywhere on different situations, so today will tell you the best way how to write an essay with some methods.

Firstly when you are thinking to write an essay, you need to make a plan in your mind, the important thing that what is the structure of an essay.

  • First of all, make a draft on your sheet for rough work
  • Then make a plan and structure on that draft
  • Then make the point that how you answer that essay
  • Make some important lines according to your essay
  • And make an interesting ending with some logically points

The draft is important for an essay, so it can reduce your error chances, when your draft is done then work on your essay.

What are the main points in an essay?

The essay or any article is always divided into 3 parts 1st is an introduction, 2nd is the Body of that essay, 3rd is a conclusion with your logical points.

The first part is the introduction- 

The introduction is the most important part of an essay, the introduction moves from general to specific such as-

  • Introduce your topic area with the general and broad opening sentence 
  • Then make a statement according to your essay
  • Then provide a summary, keep it brief, plus mention your all ideas which are related to your essay.

2nd Body of an essay-

The body of an essay consists of paragraphs, in which you can explain your essay in many blocks, or you can share your points or argument. The body is where you can use the below ideas-

  • Answer questions that develop a discussion
  • Show your knowledge
  • Grasp of material your read
  • Offer exposition
  • Use relevant examples, and many more ideas.

When you are making the body of your essay than make sure that is totally real or related to your essay.

3rd part Conclusion-

The conclusion is the most interesting part, most people check the headline and the end lines, so in this part, you need to create interesting with some specific and general information-

  • Share your thinking related to the essay
  • Conclude your article according to your thinking
  • Restart the answer to the question which you asked
  • Re-summaries the main points
  • Explain final points- such as (about possible implication, future direction for research, qualify the conclusion, etc.)

Note it- never introduce new information in conclusion always write about your thinking on your question which you put in different ways in your essay.

Tips to write an essay-

  • Always write early- when you write early, your thinking is new, so you can explain with new ideas
  • Note it- always reminds your essay topic in your mind.
  • Don’t try to write an essay with the same idea; try to make new ideas, the new method, and new connectors.
  • Make sure you use introduction and conclusion after the body of your essay
  • Use sign words in your writing, so readers can easily follow your article according to your sign
  • Integrate your evidence carefully
  • Keep draft in your mind, which you use for rough notes
  • Then keep your essay away for a few hours, and then re-check it for better results. 


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