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5 Useful Ways to Stop Children from Social Media Addiction

You would have gone through a saying that the family is the first school for a child. A child learns a lot from his family, especially his parents. After that, society comes. Socialization is crucial for every one of us. In today’s digital world, socialization has changed due to the advancement of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Having profiles on social platforms has become a trend, and being active on these channels is necessary for some. Some of us spend a lot of time on these virtual platforms and get so addicted to it that some avoid doing essential things sometimes. ASPAM Scottish, one of the Top 10 Schools in Noida, keeps a vigil and takes the required steps to stop students from getting addicted to anything at school.

Unlike adults, children also use social media to some extent. Using these channels is not bad; it has both merits and demerits. Your kids can be a victim of having a physical encounter with wrong apart from issues like online predators and cyberbullying. Children have to face issues, as they are not well aware of what to and what not to post on social platforms. As conscious parents, you should keep away yourselves from the overuse of these social networking sites and teach what to do and how to do things on the same. Here are some practical tips that you can apply to stop your kids from getting addicted to social channels:

  1. Have a close watch

In the interconnected virtual world, we are living today, being vigilant is critical. As conscious parents, you need to be careful when you notice that your children try to finish their meals fast and to avoid other activities. Keep in mind that it can be a sign of your child getting addicted to social media. Start having a look at his/her online activities and place a limit on his/her online presence. With it, you can curb the problem before it gets worse. At ASPAM Scottish, the best school in Noida Sector 62, we keep a close eye on all activities of our students on the school premises.

  1. Encourage to avoid exploring everything on social channels

Sharing everything on social media is terrible. Disclosing personal details (likes & dislikes, real photos) can lead you or your child to have adverse effects that can be beyond your imagination. Your reputation can be at stake if your child posts inappropriate things on any of these virtual platforms. Apart from being harmful, it can breach your personal security. Therefore, it is critical for you to discourage your children from exploring and posting everything. Let him/her use it, but place a limit on the usage.

  1. Ask your kids to have friends in the real world

You know the most significant effect of social media addiction is that your kid starts losing his/her interest in studies. He/she can’t concentrate due to constant distractions coming in the form of messages from social platforms. In some cases, your child can be a victim of cyberbullying and depression due to his/her disconnection with the friends of the real-world. You need to encourage your child to have friends in and around your location. By having more interaction with real-world friends, you can disconnect your son/daughter to online addiction.

  1. Engage your kids in outdoor activities

As parents, you should make sure that your children must have enough exciting outdoor activities. The outdoor activities can be playing outdoor/indoor games, going to see friends and allied others. With your kids, you must spend quality time. Take out some time and play with your son/daughter if he/she has few friends or is an introvert. The best solution to stop your children from social media addiction is to keep your child away from the feeling of loneliness.

  1. Organize a small party to help your child socialize

Your child is more valuable to you. So, it is crucial for you to raise him/her properly and shape him/her in being a good citizen. As humans, we are social animals. Let your child be social with children of his/her age-groups. You can organize small parties regularly and invite kids of the same age when you notice your child finds it hard to socialize. By inviting children to parties, you can encourage him/her to be social and stay away from being alone.

You can easily support your children to get rid of their social media craving by paying proper attention to the behavior of your kids. We, at ASPAM Scottish, one of the CBSE Schools in Noida, believe that constant communication with children and spending quality time with them will surely help parents to prevent their kids from getting addicted to social media. As parents, you will have no worries when you will encourage your children to have friends in the real world. At school, we also keep a close eye on the use of technology and encourage students to participate in outdoor activities.


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