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Marketing consultants have multiple opportunities to expand their professional network, experience, and knowledge. With the expansion of the marketing industry comes more employment opportunities on the daily.

Becoming a marketing consultant offers flexibility and a generous salary and can be rewarding for a candidate that has the right experience and skills.

For those who choose this profession, possessing the right skills and attributes matter more than a glowing resume. If you have recently began the journey of becoming a marketing consultant, or are looking to break into this field, consider creative ways to set yourself up for success.

Specialize in a Niche

It’s quite common for new marketing consultants to work with a diverse group of clients and serve multiple industries. While its great to develop a solid client base, it’s also important for any marketing consultant to establish their expertise in delivering a particular service within a particular niche.

The best marketing consultants are the ones who have a specific area where they’re clearly superior to their competition. There are some exceptional consultants who are jacks of all trades, but very few who are a master of one. Whether it’s having specific industry knowledge, possessing incredible communication skills, or the ability to create forecast models for marketing programs, find something you do well and become an expert in that area.

Extreme Attention to Detail

Consultants are typically retained because they possess strong skills and ability within a certain vocation that are better than the average employee. In order to develop these skills, a candidate must be able to focus on the minute details of every project they undertake. One specific attribute of marketing consultants is being able to develop trust with their clients by showing them how they achieve their results or came to their conclusions. So before handing in your homework per, make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.

Critical Thinking

A major contributing factor in separating good from great marketing consultants is their critical thinking skills. Those who can think outside the box, analyze multiple points of view, and come to conclusions that makes sense are the ones who develop trust with their clients and provide better solutions.

A top marketing consultant can see the big picture but also examine all the small details that helped make a campaign successful. Developing critical thinking skills is a must for any successful marketing consultant regardless of the industry they serve.

Deliver What You Promise

You want to avoid overpromising and underdelivering. Everything looks good on paper, but if you’re not able to deliver on what you promise, you’ll be let go quickly. In order to develop trust with clients and other stakeholders, you need to keep your promises and exceed your client’s expectations. This develops trust and builds rapport in opportunities for future project management.

Be Resourceful

Consultants are professional problem solvers. While they may specialise in a niche, they need to possess a broad thinking perspective, and deal with challenges that might be harder to resolve than one might initially think. Those who are resourceful or have the ability reach out to others in your industry and utilize tools to get the job done are the ones who will achieve better results.

Check the Ego at the Door

Contrary to popular belief, the best marketing consultants are not arrogant or brash about the skills and abilities they possess. In fact, those who are sought after are confident, but not cocky. They are exceptional leaders who inspire others through their actions – not their words. They listen to clients, collect data, and then offer solutions. In order to be a great marketing consultant, be confident, but conscious of how you articulate or display that self-confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Every problem that a consultant will resolve is unique. Having the confidence to ask questions of your clients is a core attribute of any great consultant. By taking this proactive measure, you’ll have a clear understanding of the problem at hand, discover the root issue, and obtain critical information about goals and objectives of the task. Asking for clarification is another way to develop trust and reduce the potential of making mistakes – or doing the same thing twice.

Always Keep Learning

Education never stops for the marketing consultant. The best ones are always learning new skills, integrating new technology, and finding ways to be more efficient. They need to stay ahead of their competition by researching new trends in marketing and exploring technology solutions that are scalable for clients, allowing them to connect with consumers easier, faster, and more efficiently.

Good Marketing Consultants can resolve issues quickly, without frustration, and with attention to detail. They should be able to accept constructive criticism and roll with the punches. They can analyse areas of opportunity and apply creative solutions to previous mistakes. Marketing Consultants can also review their insurance options here.



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