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Video Hosting5 Video Hosting Feature You Need To Look Out For As A Elearning Business

Edtech has been booming lately. As students are now stuck at home, unable to attend school classes, there is a high demand for online classrooms. The traditional classroom has been completely taken over by the online classroom. The last few months have seen a rise in the number of e-learning businesses as traditional tuition can coaching classes have now completely moved on to a more digital approach.

It can be challenging for a teacher to shift from traditional classrooms to online learning. But technology has made it even simpler. All you need now is a website of your own and good video hosting, you’ll be all set to go digital.

If you are a teacher who wants to move their classes online or an aggregator, this article is for you. One of the cores of your business is going to be your lecture videos. That’s one of the challenges learning businesses face. You can always host your videos on platforms like youtube. But it’ll be difficult to monetize the video content. So it is advisable to go for a third party video hosting solution. As not only you can monetize your content and courses but you wouldn’t have to care much about hosting your videos and the development related to it. Also, to know about eLearning video protection you can read the blog linked. 

Let’s further have a look at what these video hosting features are and what they mean:


Video piracy is one of the major concerns when it comes to hosting your courses online. As per Park associates, video piracy is expected to have an impact of about 61 billion dollars in revenue globally. So, it is wise to make sure that you don’t fall prey to this and take care beforehand. This is where DRM video encryption comes in, it protects your videos from getting hacked and circulated. 

Video Player

A good customizable online video player will always be a good option to have. You can customize the video player in order to suit your theme. Also, a good smart player can help you get added features to increase the interactivity with your students. You can take quizzes in between your classes and students can answer by clicking on the toggle buttons. This way the class becomes more interactive. 

Video Analytics

This would be an essential feature to have. Having the necessary data and insights on your students can give you more insight into your content. It gives you further clarity in what kind of content your students enjoy. This way you can further model your future courses to suit their needs better. 

You can check how many times a student has watched a video, how long was the video watched, also you can have heatmaps and check traffic sources.

Content Delivery Network

CDN is quintessential for video hosting whether it is for eLearning courses or for video platforms. It helps in ensuring that your user gets a seamless experience regardless of the location of the user. This is done by making sure that the content is being streamed from the nearest server to the user. 


Good support can be really helpful at times. If you’re not that tech-savvy, chances are that you’re going to get stuck with certain issues at times. It will be handy if the video hosting service you chose provides good support. 

Using Vdocipher For Secure Video Streaming

It’s always tricky finding the right solution for your need. There is plenty of video hosting platform available in the market. Finding the right one can be a real challenge. If you are looking for a secure video hosting solution that can not only seamlessly stream content but also ensures piracy protection, this is where Vdocipher comes in.

Vdocipher helps you protect your content from piracy with the help of DRM based video encryption for our users. The content video hosted on our platform can be securely streamed on android, iPhones, iPad, Macs, PCs, and Smart TVs. Ensuring that your content is easily accessible by all of your users and there is no piracy as well. You can learn more about our video encryption on the blog linked.

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