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According to data, in the last five years, more than 93% of all B2B businesses have started using Content Marketing as an effective strategy. However, what works for B2B businesses can also work in the same capacity for small businesses. 

Content Marketing is the practice of writing great quality content on behalf of the brand. It also includes placing the content and distributing it on the right channels and platforms. However, more importantly, it involves placing your content in front of the right target audiences. 

In this article, we look at five ways content marketing is becoming beneficial for brands to drive sales and increase revenues. However, before we do, let us first look at what expectations small businesses have from their marketing activities. 

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses in 2020

In an ideal world, every business would want their products and services to be placed in front of audiences, which are interested in purchase. In technical terms, this is referred to as ‘buyer intent’. Every business wants their brand to be seen in front of audiences who have a need for the same. 

Small businesses do not have a lot of money to blow on sponsored ads on either Google or on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They need a marketing strategy whereby they can create content, and that adds value to the business. Ads are only available for a short time. Then they are removed by the platform. 

While content marketing and digital publication like John Doe helps get your high quality and authentic content into several portals and channels, marketing automation powers this process by identifying, indexing, and using those channels in a more targeted manner.

Angela Wei Milk Studios state that small businesses lack credibility and trust in front of consumers. If they are to catch up to years of presence in the field, content marketing helps small brands do that. In other words, whether it is time, finances or credibility, all these challenges act as major hindrances for small brands. 

5 Ways Content Marketing drives Sales and Revenues for Small Businesses

  • Awareness- 

Content Marketing helps generate awareness about the business. Content distribution helps small businesses spread the word about the brand. The more platforms and websites your brand name comes upon, the better will be the awareness generation process. It also helps in increasing exposure for the brand and putting it among the big leagues.

  • Education- 

Even though you might be a small startup, if you have thousand of content in as many high traffic niche platforms, you will be able to reach millions of people. These people will start recognizing you as an industry authority in the niche and follow your judgments and information. Educating consumers will lead to sales and revenues for the brand. 

  • Repeat Customers- 

As the core of your marketing efforts will be directed towards building a large education and information foundation, you will see customers coming back to your website for the same. This will help you get repeat customers and develop brand loyalty towards the same. Repeat customers can also become your brand ambassador if your product is good enough. 

  • Improves Sales- 

Data and studies show that brands who do content marketing have an average of 13% more sales than brands who do not. Data also shows that when it comes to lead generation, content marketing helps small businesses generate 54% of more leads as compared to brands who do not. This means that this is a great strategy to improve Content Marketing. 

  • Builds Relationship- 

Content Marketing helps build everlasting relationships with your consumers. It shows an attitude of a business, which is more customer-friendly and cares about what the customers feel. This helps it in establishing relationships, building credibility and increasing sales and revenues for the small business. 

The Final Word

Content Marketing helps small businesses compete with big businesses and level out huge marketing expenditures. Can you think of some more advantages content marketing can bring to small businesses? Let us know below. 

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