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You will find that Google has been perfecting the manner in which results are displayed to users. The search engine has been increasing the number of Featured Snippets, which it displays for queries. What can you do to show up there? 

  1. Your website should have new sections

Brian Mckenzie, search engine expert at Search Engine Optimization agency in Montreal ( HTTPS://APLUSDIGITAL.CA )  says that, Google Snippets permits businesses a valuable chance to elevate their content and get more traffic to their websites. When they Know the importance of this opportunity, some businesses are generating whole sections targeted around questions.

When a visitor searches for questions regarding cooling or backyard living and heating DIY projects, the website has a better chance of being featured since its content is specially designed around these queries.

To make the most of this tool, you may dedicate a whole section of your site to a Q&A, which includes all the important questions as well as top-quality, content-rich responses for readers.

  1. Generate content around the costs of your services and products

Utilizing the keyword modifier “cost” leads to featured snippets over fifty percent the time. Whether you have a business that is service or product-based or just a content creator, generating content around the costs of a variety of services or products will probably boost your featured snippets.

  1. Leverage YouTube

Furthermore, video engagement is high, with 65% of video audience viewing over three-quarters of a video. 59 Percent of professionals concur that if both video and text are available on the same topic, they will probably choose the video. Below are some ideas to get your content featured

  • Video title. Provide the video the similar name as the question where you would like to rank.
  • Create a make a video transcript. Google seems to pull text straight from this voice transcript, so if it’s not included, possibilities of ranking might reduce.
  • Create Generate top-quality content. As with text, ensure the content in the video fully covers the solution to the query.
  1. Target pages that rank high

Have you got pages that presently rank well with search engines? If yes, utilize them as a leaping-off point to get featured with Google Snippets. For instance, perhaps you rank very well for the keyword phrase “Cloud software for industrial companies.” If so, you can use Google’s featured snippets to leverage this success to multiply your results.

Some people speculate that if your page is currently ranked for a particular keyword in the 1 to 5 position of Google results, it is simpler to get the Google Snippets spot.

“As soon as you spot a page that is ranking high a high-ranking, know what questions people might inquire about that topic. Revise relevant tags and content to include those questions”, says John Rampton, an online marketing guru and founder of Due.

  1. Look and answer the Correct Questions

The best method to raise the probability of getting featured is to seek out the questions people ask, which are related to your services or products. Usually, these inquiries are questions that begin with words like:

  • Why
  • How do
  • How does
  • What is
  • How to

You can use only questions to filter the results to see how to find the precise questions that site visitors use to search.

For instance, under the “how” category, the website brainstorms questions like “How to build reputation and trust through content marketing?” and “How to Combine Content Marketing with SEO to Maximize Traffic?” How to Look for your preferred questions and utilize those phrases as a kick off point for getting ranked.


After you have made changes, it will take weeks or even months to notice the results. As soon as you get ranked, however, the ranking will make a continuous impact for many years to come. However, the important thing is knowing, which measures you should take to make it simple for Google to give this sought after spot and drive more traffic to your website. 

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