Sat. May 25th, 2024

You just returned from the Indonesian trip and your bag isn’t even unpacked yet, but you already are dreaming about your next trip to Philippines?

You are probably bitten by the travel bug. Are you someone who finds it impossible to satisfy your wanderlust because of studies or professional life? Sometimes you might have the urge of switching a job that requires travelling to make money, so that you can keep your passport filled with happy destinations, simply put, a happy passport.


Fortunately for you, you don’t need to be a millionaire in order to take up traveling extensively. Here are the 5 best jobs to make money while travelling:

  1. Data Miner: No matter how complicated the term may seem, this is the easiest job you can do while travelling, the only things you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Companies like CAI offer you to make money while sharing the data with them. You make as much money as you want with as many data as you collect, while travelling.
  2. Website Developer: With the world going digital, the need of creative and hosted websites is increasing. As a result, the need for web developers is increasing day by day. Offer plenty of options for website developers. All you need is a laptop and 2-3 hours away from the hustle bustle of travelers. And yes, don’t forget your internet dongle!
  3. Writing for travelling websites: One of the best ways to earn money while being free is to write if you have the knack of penning. There are some organizations like Wonderful which seek travel writer consistently, the only thing you need is an eagerness to write and an in-depth knowledge about the destination.
  4. Click picture: Yes, you heard it right! Clicking pictures and sharing it on online platforms like SmugMug can pay you decent amount of money for your next venture. You would need a camera or SDR mode in your mobile phones pictures.
  5. Volunteer: This is turning out to be one of the trendiest job for travelers. Some ashrams and hostels will allow you to stay for free in return of volunteering job you do for them. Sometimes they also offer you money for bringing in the leads at a good commission too.


It also depends upon the skills you carry while travelling, with various skills you can enjoy your journey and earn quick money for your next vacation.

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