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In this world where less is more and anything simple is more effective especially in online trading business, the use of codes and coupons has therefore become so popular. It is just as simple to use as it is to get. There are various sources from where you can get these coupons provided you know the basics. These shopping codes, also known as promo codes, reduce your purchase price enabling you to save while you spend.

Ideally, these promo codes encourage you to shop more thereby enabling the business to earn more profit through increased sales volume. It is all about economics in which the law of returns comes in to play. You pay less when you buy more and the business increases its profits.  Not only this, there are sites like ibotta where when you register using ibotta referral code, you get the chance to earch cashback as well as earn more when you refer your friends to the app

Offers made through these coupons can vary and may come in different forms such a flat cash discount percentage on a particular product or on your total purchase value. Companies may also offer free shipping for purchases made over and above a specific amount. All these leads to increased sales and business profits and that is why the manufacturers can offer items at a reduced price.

The small window of opportunity

No matter how exciting and interesting it may sound, finding an online shopping coupon code may be difficult if you knock at the wrong door. Moreover, using it may also be as difficult if you do not know how to go about it.

While shopping online you will often come across these little coupon code boxes. These will show up at regular intervals throughout your purchase or even when you check out but it will be for a short time.

Within this limited time window, you will have to make the best use of these coupon codes that are also termed as promo code, offer code, discount code, gift code, source code, or any other variations.

These codes provide you with an opportunity for extra savings on your purchase order. You must use it wisely to maximize your potential savings. A little know-how is necessary to navigate these as these are constantly changing.

You will get a vast amount of information on the web regarding these coupons. However, here are a few tips for the seasoned pros as well as the newbies.

The basics

Starting with the basics is the best way to find, read and apply when you get free shopping coupons.

These codes are issued by different stores through different channels.

  • It can be offered on the website of the manufacturer, the online trader, through the newsletters, and even through other dedicated coupon websites.
  • Some discounts may apply automatically when you checkout even without a code and at times you will have to click through a specific link.
  • In some case you will need to make a minimum purchase to avail discounts while in some instances it may be categorized for specific items in the store.

Free shipping and free products may also be given subject to specific purchases.

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Using the codes

Using the free online shopping vouchers involves reading and applying. Reading the codes may seem a bit difficult as all coupon codes are a mix of letters and numbers. Well, that is why it is called codes.

  • Usually, all coupon code will have five to ten characters in all caps. These may appear random to you at times and at other times it can even spell out actual words or a part thereof.
  • The numbers denotes the amount of discount offered and the letters denote the type of discount you can avail.
  • For example, a code that reads FREESHIP50 will be enough of a clue to you to get free shipping provided you make a purchase of minimum $50.

Applying a coupon code

Once you get a coupon code to use you will need to follow a specific process to apply for discounts.

You can type or copy and paste the code to your order into the designated coupon code box and then click on the button to apply it. You will find this at various stages depending on the site that you are ordering your goods. It may be during the checkout, before the checkout or even when to reach a specific point in the checkout process.

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