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5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing is a core digital marketing tactic for businesses worldwide. Almost all ecommerce brands use digital marketing to improve their conversion rate and ROIs. In 2020, companies generated 7.5 billion dollars in revenue due to email marketing. As this number is expected to grow over the years, it is time you must evaluate your email marketing ROI.

Is your email marketing campaigns creating the expected ROI, or is your ROI in need of urgent improvement? If your business falls into the latter category, this article is a blessing in disguise for you. This is because, through this article, learn how to improve your email marketing ROI to boost your profits.

Strategies to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Your email marketing ROI represents how much profits or loss you have accumulated on your email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential to use new strategies to boost the ROI numbers. So, find out five ways to improve your email marketing ROI.

1.     Schedule Emails for High Engagement Time

The whole purpose of creating email campaigns is that customers read sent emails and act on the CTA, improving your ROI. For that, you need to learn when your customers are more likely to use their devices. Scheduling emails for high engagement time improves the chances of customers reading your emails.

You can use an email marketing tool to find out the best timing for sending emails. Moreover, these tools also help create email templates and automate email schedules. However, it would be best to have an email marketing tool with automation capabilities. Therefore, look for alternatives to Constant Contact, which has multiple automation settings to automate your email marketing campaign better.

2.     Send Personalized Emails

Personalization is the key to successful marketing, especially in email marketing. This is because personalized emails stand out in the email box, compelling users to open and read them. When an email’s content connects with a person’s needs, they are more likely to click on the provided links, acting according to the CTA.

Personalized emails also improve customer experience with your brand as they only receive relevant emails. Sending emails that lack personalization is one of the reasons people don’t open brand emails. So, instead of addressing the recipients as “dear customers,” start with their name, telling them that you know that you know and you value them.

To send personalized emails, use website cookies to determine which customers are interested in what items, sending them emails related to their interests. Sending cart abandonment emails with a limited-time discount code also increases conversion.

3.     Declutter Your Mailing List

You know you must send personalized emails to your customers, but this task is impossible with a cluttered mailing list. You need to declutter and segment the list for a successful marketing campaign.

When updating and organizing your list, create different portions for customers according to their purchase history, demographics, sales funnel stage and behavioral data. This helps you send out interest-based emails to all customers. Another benefit of organizing your email list is that you exclude all the spam and outdated email ids that are no longer in use, saving time and money.

4.     Create Mobile-Optimized Emails

If you don’t send mobile-optimized emails to customers, you miss connecting with a significant portion of your audience. This is because 60% of emails marketing engagement is obtained through mobile phones. The mobile phone is one of the most common and easy-to-use technology globally. The majority of the population has synced their email accounts with mobile phones to access emails quickly.

So, if your emails are not mobile optimized, your customers won’t be reading your email, which means all your resources go to waste. Therefore, when creating mobile-optimized emails, keep the content short and precise. Structure the content in short paragraphs and make sure it’s easy to read. Also, place your CTAs prominently, making it easier for the readers to click.

5.     Write Captivating Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing people notice whenever they receive an email. It solely depends on your email subject line whether the subscriber will open the email or directly delete it. Therefore, your subject line must resonate with your customers, ensuring they open and read the whole email.

When writing your email subject line, make sure it has strong verbs and offers insight into the email content. People are more likely to open emails when the subject line is personalized, and they know what they will find inside the email. This is because it helps them determine whether opening and reading the email is worth it or not.

That is why you need to make sure that your subject lines are catchy, compelling customers to click on the email.

Wrapping Up

To increase your email marketing ROI, you must perfect your email marketing campaign. To do that, you must connect with your customers by using relevant and highly engaging content. You can ascertain that customers open your emails by email marketing.

However, many email marketing tools in the market are not very effective. So, carefully select your email marketing tool to observe email marketing ROI improvement.

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