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If you ask any professional about the best way to organize, they will undoubtedly tell you that the first step is to purge. Seriously, some people will tell you to throw out half of your stuff. Ouch

When you want a more organized bedroom but don’t want to face the emotional trauma of getting rid ofyour precious belongings, the answer is storage.

If your bedroom is overflowing with stuff and hard to keep neat, you need to reconsider where everything is kept. Some clever storage solutions will help you organize without purging.

Here are some creative storage solutions for your bedroom. They’ll help you keep your room clean and allow you to hang on to all your stuff. 

1. Take Advantage of the Space Under Your Bed

The thing that takes up the most space in your bedroom is also the thing that offers the most unused storage.

The space under the bed is an often wasted area. You can use this space to store many items that would otherwise be a source of clutter in your bedroom. 

So how do you use that area? Here are a few ideas to try:

Shallow rolling drawersfit neatly under the bed and are easy to access. You can buy these or make them yourself by taking old drawers and attaching wheels to the bottom.

There are many other storage options, such as zippered storage bags, rolling metal carts, and plastic totes. These are all available for purchase and designed to fit under the bed. 


You can also use shallow woven baskets if you prefer something with natural fibers.


If your bed is too low to the ground or you want to add morespace under your bed, usebed risers. They’re often adjustable in height and can easily add an extra three to eight inches of storage space.


2. Get a Bench for the Foot of Your Bed


The area surrounding the bed is great for storage. The foot of the bed, in particular, is a popular place to keep things.


You can utilize this space by adding a trunk for a whimsical but sturdy option. 


You can also opt for a storage bench. With so many different types and sizes, you’ll have to think hard about your storage needs and choose the one that’s best for your room.


If you want extra space to hold shoes, yourbench should include wooden shelving.


If your bedroom is cluttered with books, you can lay a bookshelfon its side to store your library at the end of your bed.


If what you really need isroom for extra linens, a storage bench with a lid will help.

You can still use a bench at the foot of your bed, even if you have a small bedroom. There are plenty of narrow benches that will fit your room perfectly, no matter how tiny it may be.

There are even benches with drawersthat you can use if you need more room for clothing.

Whatever piece you choose, it should match your bedding and bedroom style for a fluid look.

3. Use Your Headboard and Sideboards for Storage

The foot of the bed isn’t the only areathat can be used for extra storage. The headboard and sideboards can also provide much-neededspace. 

You can build hidden storage behind the headboard to keep things like your phone, chargers, and things that a nightstand might hold.

You can also add built-in shelving to your headboard. If you build it yourself, you’ll be able to add as much storage space as you want!

If DIY projects aren’t your thing, you can buy clip-onorganizers that hang on the sideboards. This is a great place to keep books and your phone.

If you are really ambitious and in great need of more storage, you can buy a platform storage bed. Or, check out this simple tutorial on how to make your own. 

4. Hang as Many Shelves as You Need

If you don’t want to buy or build new furniture, you can also resort to the tried-and-true storage solution: shelves.

The upper perimeter of your room is a perfect place to add shelving that won’t infringe upon your precious floor space. You can line these shelves with books, mementos, and anything else that needs to be stored.

Do you have an unused corner in your bedroom? This is an opportunity for storage! Install some corner shelves and put that unused corner to work.

You can use a floating shelf for a nightstand. This clears up floor space and provides another platform to hold your things while you sleep.

5. Utilize Closet Hacks to Optimize Your Closet

Do you suffer from small closet syndrome? Hang racks in the corners of your closet to give yourself extra space for folded clothes. It’s a simple solution to an often big problem. 

Alternatively, you can rearrange your closet and add accessories to fit more stuff.

For example, if you hang a shoe organizer on the wall, you’ll have room for shoes that don’t fit on the floor.

If you’d like to store your jewelry in the closet, you can mount a few small hooks to hold your necklaces and bracelets.

A pegboard organizer will work for accessories, such as scarves, belts, and hats. Pegboard is versatile and can adjust to hold almost anything. 

Also, don’t forget to look up. There are storage opportunities on your ceiling, too. You can hang hats or bags from the ceiling with S-hooks.


There you have it. Instead of trying to minimize your belongings, all you need to do is find better storage solutions.

There is so much wasted space in most people’s homes. With some strategic thinking, you can fit way more things in your apartmentthan it seems. 

Purging is one thing, but having a clean and tidy bedroomwhilekeeping all your stuff is a whole different ball game. With this system, it’s a home run!

Author Bio:

Maggie Litka is a Business Manager at Marvelle at Southcenter. She received her BA in Hospitality Business Management from Washington State University.


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