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5 Ways to Promote Your Content with a Brand Character

Brand characters have gained a high level of popularity in the digital world with so many ways to utilise them to promote your content. Mascots are beneficial as they attract attention and are easy to remember, while giving you the ability to communicate with your audience personally in a warm and playful way. These are 5 great ways you can promote your content with a brand character.

  • Put The Logo On Your Website

It can be a great idea to have your brand character as part of your company’s logo for your audience to see. Be sure to place your company’s logo together with your character on your website. It isn’t necessary to make your character a part of your logo however, it can be a great idea to have an image on your website of your character interacting with the logo. This will immediately allow your audience to easily associate your character with your brand.

  • Introduce Your Character

Your brand character should officially be welcomed as a member of your team. One way you can do this is to place an image with the character and your team on all of your platforms. This can be posted on your social media channels, as well as blog posts explaining why and how your mascot came into being. It’s important to have an appropriate and interesting character costume for your brand character, while telling your audience about your mascot’s personality to inform your audience and allow them to meet your brand character properly. Be sure to remember to give your character a name to further build their personality and help bring to life your mascot as you present them to your audience.

  • Place Your Character In Key Places On Your Website

Following your mascot’s introductions, it’s vital to then place your brand character on your website to ensure they’re being seen. The main reason companies use a mascot is to promote their products and services, while differentiating themselves from the competition. Depending on which type of product, there are a variety of strategies you can use to do this. If your product is physically tangible, you can implement your character as part of the packaging design. Alternatively, if your business has a website, your brand character can be used on your services page to tell the story of your brand or product. It’s important to ensure that you don’t over-do this as your audience may start to begin seeing your mascot as just a salesperson. Be sure that the relationship between your brand character and your audience remains positive and casual. A great way to do this is to use your character to divulge interesting and valuable information to your customers.

  • Promote Freebies With Your Mascot

Freebies can be a good way to promote your brand with added information for your customers. Be sure to use freebies to help promote your brand character by placing them on the packaging or cover. Your brand character not only makes any freebies more attractive but also helps promote your character to your audience.

5) Frequently Use Your Brand Character

What you want from your mascot is to ideally become an ambassador of your brand. To do this, be sure to present your character to your audience regularly. The best way to present your brand character is to place them in a variety of different situations to interact with your audience. You don’t have to spend large amounts of money on graphic design or illustration services to do this.

The easiest way is to create templates that you can re-use on social media. This allows your audience to see your mascot regularly, while organically building a story for your brand effortlessly. Be sure to ensure that your brand character doesn’t become too silly as this can make your brand look unreliable. Creating a distinct line between your character and your brand is vital in making your audience react in the right way. People expect mascots to be silly, funny and playful, with plenty of charm to make them smile.

A brand character can be exciting for any business and a fantastic way to promote your content. Be sure to use these tips to get the best out of your company’s mascot.

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