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Switches in any commercial and personal complex are a quintessential component of electrical fitting. As time changes, the wave of classic switches brings a paradigm shift in the space of switches and sockets and overpowers the old-conventional switches. They are no longer just a requirement but they also bring elegance to the interiors. Those switches become an important aspect of the interiors for obvious reasons. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but they are also safe and convenient to use.

AGM Electrical Supplies—A Popular Electrical Wholesaler In Australia

For almost 15 years, AGM Electrical Supplies has been providing a wide range of top quality electrical switches and accessories. It offers a range of switches and accessories for residential and commercial premises, with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design. 

Strengthened by Clipsal, Sparkelec and other major brands’ technological expertise, it has delivered simplistic solutions for residential and commercial premises. AGM Electrical has described its place directly at the heart of the nation. Its accessories range includes a wide variety of switches, powerpoints, emergency lights, wires, electrician tools and much more.

Features Of Classic Switches At AGM

  • One of the salient features of classic switches is the multi functionality. Such switches can be used for various applications, such as automation, signalling, surveillance and data transfer. 
  • Since these switches require tremendous versatility and are usable in many configurations, they can also be used for heavy duty applications. Such switches can also connect to all manner of connectors without needing country-specific adapters. Such switches are suitable for daily operation of appliances.
  • Classic switches and sockets offer health security, because they pose no risk of an electrical shock. These switches have no brass sections on the front side, made from high-quality plastic and come with evidence sockets for babies. If you have kids at home, the best decision is to install the classic switches.
  • Elegant and stylish, classic switches are an integral part of decor design. Such new-age switches are readily available in various designs, finishes and colours, and have the ability to beautifully compliment any interiors (home or office) and enhance the visual appeal.
  • These switches allow you to experiment with different switch plates options (it can be glass switch plates, colored switch plates or more); courtesy of versatile design! Besides this, it empowers you with various options for customisation.
  • These switches are very efficient and assure long-term durability. Those modern switches are technologically designed to ensure soft touch and noiseless operation.

Buy Top Quality Classic Switches From AGM Electrical

Some of the best selling products at AGM are 

  • Red Neon Indicator Mech 10A – Connected Switchgear MNR, 
  • Green Neon Indicator Mech 10A – Connected Switchgear MNG, 
  • Sparkelec 16 Amp Press/Momentary Switch Mech – S16A-BP WHITE 
  • F to F TV Mechanism Fits Clipsal, QCE & Connected Wall Plates

Australia Wide Deliveries

AGM Electrical Supplies provides fast delivery across the world. AGM is committed to the quickest production delivery times in the industry.

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