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Anxiety is never a good feeling. It makes you feel caged and cocooned, unable to break from your nest and fly. In most cases, it holds you back from doing your best, even in the simplest tasks at home or at work.

There are various effective ways to deal with anxiety. One of the most effective ways has been the use of organic hemp oil. But if that’s not in your budget right now, there are always some alternatives.

Here are some practical ways you can try to reduce your anxiety.

  1. Admit that your anxious and nervous

Accepting that you’re anxious is the first step in dealing with your anxiety. It allows you to inspect your thoughts keenly and consciously, and eliminate the irrational ones from your mind.

It also makes you recognize that anxiety is a temporary feeling, which will soon go away. Denying your nervous emotional state will only increase your anxiety levels. 

Once you are at peace with your condition you can try some calming meditation techniques. Consider enrolling for a meditation class, or look for some techniques online. 

  1. Take a breather

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, normalize taking a break to relax. Do something else for a few minutes before returning to your workspace. 

Stand up from your desk and stretch your arms and legs to release the muscles tension, walk up to your colleague’s desk for a quick chat, or go for a nature walk. The trick is to find something that will take your mind of those anxious thoughts. 

Taking a few long, deep breaths or a quick power nap may also help calm you down and collect your thoughts. 

  1. Put it down on paper

When you feel nervous or stressed, take some paper and write down every event that led to your anxiety. Write down what you feel at that moment, paying attention to every detail.

This will help you clear most of the negative thoughts from your mind, and figure out the cause of your anxiety. It will also open up your mind to see your thoughts through a different lens and help you eliminate damaging thoughts from your mind.

  1. Exercise regularly

Doing physical activity dramatically reduces tension in muscles, escalates your mood, and instantly raises your spirits. 

It’s one of the best ways to keep your negative thoughts at bay, and helps release your emotional energy. Involve yourself in activities such as swimming, jogging, running, biking, and yoga which are great for your rejuvenating your mental health.

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol 

Lastly, when tempted to take a few shots to kill your anxiety, don’t! Alcohol is never a permanent solution. If anything, once it wears off, you’ll be back in the same place, if not more anxious.

Coffee also has a similar effect. Its caffeine only increases your anxiety levels.

Additionally, intoxication may at times stimulate the ‘fight or flight’ response, which can trigger an anxiety attack.  


Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by life’s daily struggles is inevitable, but we can overcome anxiety. Listening to music, taking a few deep breaths, doing some exercises and meditation might help do the trick.

However, if these ways don’t work for you, consult your doctor. You may be having other complex forms of anxiety. 

Anxiety is beatable!

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