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Welcome to Yolo Foods, your number one seller of healthy foods in Singapore. Yolo food is a unique organisation that sells and delivers sweet, tasty foods that can be used by all people in society. It sells a wide variety of these products. No other company in the region can compete effectively because it spearheads the health needs of all customers.

Any type of food that you want, you can find it on this platform. You just have to visit the website to choose your favourite food and then make an order. From there, the company will deliver the dish right to your home, school or office. The following are the 6 best foods that can boost your health from Yolo healthy restaurant.

Tomato soup with chicken avocado & lentils

This is one of the best dishes that can be purchased from this online platform. Yolo restaurant is proud to be a provider of this dish, which is very nutritious. The meal has the right amount of proteins, vitamins, sugars and mineral salts. It is also free from gluten. Gluten is one of the nutrients found in foods that lead to overweightness because it converted and stored in the form of fats.

Avocado, by itself, is a food that is rich in natural fats that are very useful in the body. Avocado is rich in Vitamins, potassium, folates and magnesium, among other nutrients. In the actual sense,avocados are integrated intovarious meals, especially because they have potassium, which is always insufficient in most people.

Pumpkin soup with pomegranate and super seeds

This is another dish that many people overlook, and yet it is the best and very nutritious. The pumpkins are sweet and have numerous elements that are helpful in the body. The proteins are minimal, just enough for your body. It has various types of vitamins and fibre. It is also rich in potassium, manganese and iron. It has minimal calories, so it just the best for your body.

Its high anti-oxidizing and that helps in the reduction of the risk of chronic diseases. It can help you stay free from cancer and heart disease. It has elements that fight and neutralize the risks of these diseases. If you want to lose some weight pumpkins will actively help you achieve that.

Brown rice bowl with salmon kimchisalad and edamame

Brown rice is nutritious because of the elements that are in it and the way it is prepared. It is rich in fibres, sodium, manganese, vitamins and doesn’t have any cholesterol.

Coconut chicken with brown rice and veggies

Coconuts are very healthy in the body of an individual. It is a superfood and contains various nutrients that are medicinal. Coconuts can even help in the processes of losing weight.

Tofu salad with avocado and tomatoes

The dish has avocados tomatoes which are very nutritious. Tofu is useful in the body and helps in the cure and prevention of breast and prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes and liver damage.

Laksa with wholemeat glass noodles and barramundi

Laksa is important, yet many people do not know that. It is a food that is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates iron and fibre. The benefits here will help you live a very healthy life. If you want to make an order and it will be delivered to you.


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