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Torex Cough Syurp

Cough can be termed as a defensive reflex of the respiratory tract which is developed to clear the upper respiratory tract. The upper respiratory tract is required to be free from the mucus for proper breathing and cough is a defense mechanism of the body which is a reflex to open the upper respiratory tract.  The receptors in the throat, respiratory passage and stretch receptors in the lungs are stimulated and causes cough.  An acute cough is one of the most commonly noticed symptom and most of the time they can be cured by taking homemade remedies or are cough syrups.

The first line of treatment for the cough is the available cough syrups in the general stores. Many people prefer to have herbal cough syrups to cure the acute cough problem. The cough syrups are mainly decongestants and antihistamines which are directed to clear the upper respiratory tract and also have mild antibacterial functions. The cough syrups are effective to manage dry cups also but there some side effects like sedation dryness of mouth and severe constipation can be observed in some people after prolonged use of cough syrup.  The herbal cough syrups, on the other hand, are reliable and they are safe to consume for a long period of time without any significant side effect.  The herbal cough syrups like Torex herbal cough syrup can deliver prominent relief from the persistent cough quickly and they are also very effective to reduce the attack of cough at night.

Ingredients of the cough syrups

In Ayurveda, a number of Herbs are identified which have a beneficial effect on relieving the cough and its persistent syndromes.   The herbal cough syrup manufacturers follow the procedures to prepare their cough syrups.  Honey is the main ingredients of the herbal cough syrups.  Apart from Tulsi, Banaphsa,  Mulethi Shunthi,  Pippali and Vasaka are the main ingredients of herbal cough syrup which are very effective to provide relief from the persistent cough. The herbal cough syrups also have antihistamines like Zingiber and Ocimum. All the herbal ingredients combined with honey provide significant relief to the non-productive cough.

Advantages of herbal cough syrups

The herbal cough syrups are thick solutions and they are able to conceal the not so satisfactory taste of the herbal medicines. Cough syrups have the highest sugar contents which help to cover up the bad taste of the other ingredients and as a result, the children are not averse to the cough syrups. The cough syrup with a glass of lukewarm water it is best for the children and also for the adults.

The branded cough syrups available in the market for Better Health like torex syrup is able to cure whooping cough, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis along with the dry and weight cough effectively. The thick texture of the cough syrups is also very soothing for the irritated tissues of the throat and the upper respiratory tract and provides relief to the patient after consuming it.

Adverse effects of cough syrup

The herbal cough syrups all can cause mild drowsiness dry throat and constipation.  The effect varies from person to person but they have less adverse effects than the other cough syrups available in the market.

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