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The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s almost time for door-to-door asking of children with candy baskets hanging in their arms. At this very time of the year, pumpkins are all ready for harvest. Aside from this, we unveil the artist in us through crafting decorations to chase away ghosts according to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Pumpkins are the primary material we take advantage of during Halloween. We all transform to being carvers this season. By only piercing knives to resemble a face in a pumpkin, you can finally sense the spirit of the holiday. To fully immerse in the vibe, try out these six holiday decors you can effortlessly carry out in your home.


This is quite popular across western countries. Jack-o’-lanterns are believed to shoo evil spirits, and the pumpkin is the primary material for this decoration. Consequently, it’s advantageous to plant pumpkins in your garden and have them harvested before Halloween. If you want tips and tricks on planting pumpkin, you can click here to know more.

Jack-o’-lantern designs vary from every artist. Children could even engage in making this as long as you know where to puncture the carving knives and come up with a spooky face. This one is better with lights installed inside the pumpkin.

Emoji Pumpkins

If you want to accentuate amusement rather than horror, you can lodge emoji pumpkins in your veranda and balcony. Yellow is a cheerful color you can use in contrast to Halloween’s typical orange and black theme. Achieve these sunny emoji pumpkins with spray paint, cardstock, adhesive magnet sheets, and a whole pumpkin.

  • Apply the spray paint to the pumpkin. Make sure to color it thoroughly. 
  • Cut the facial features from the cardstock.
  • Cut small portions of adhesive magnet sheets and use them to attach the facial features to the pumpkin.

This is indeed an uncomplicated craft that doesn’t need expert spraying and cutting skills. Accompanied with exceptional ability in growing pumpkins, you can certainly save in terms of expenses. 

Creepy Snake Wreath

Serpents are closely associated with danger. However, this creature’s generic definition is fertility. Having a snake-inspired Halloween design by the door is somewhat motivating and spooky at the same time.

For this decor, you’ll only need a bare wreath, mini snake figures, stick glue, and paint. Follow the guide below and get the thrill started!

  • Glue the mini snake figures in the wreath. Make sure to distribute them evenly and arrange them nicely.
  • Use spray paint to add color to your snake wreath. Metallic gray is a good pick for the spray paint.

Paper Skull Lanterns

You’ll need plain white paper lanterns, black art paper, glue, and scissors for this project. Moreover, this can’t be called a lantern without lights. You can use regular string or pixie lights depending on your artistic preference.

  • Cut shapes of the skull’s eyes, nose, and mouth from the black art paper.
  • Attach them to the lantern using white glue.
  • Fasten each lantern to the lights and feel the spirit of Halloween!

Tissue Phantoms

This one’s probably the easiest craft you can try while you are sitting at your desk. You could spend just a couple of minutes to complete this art. You’ll be needing cotton balls, string, black marker, and of course, paper tissue.

  • Rest the tissue flatly on the table.
  • Place the cotton ball at the center of the tissue and wrap it until the tissue paper’s edges meet.
  • Hold the cotton ball from behind and allow the tissue to fall downward. 
  • Hold the cotton ball inside by wrapping the string around the tissue paper accentuating the phantom’s head.
  • Draw the features of the head using the black marker, and now you’re finally done!

Smokey Cauldron

Even the Disney films have injected us with the idea that flying brooms and smokey cauldrons always accompany witches! Now, if you wish to get your front yard a smokey cauldron, then this one’s right for you!

The things you have to prepare are real or plastic cauldrons, a light projector, a crate, and mist makers. The steps below are really simple to follow.

  • Situate the mist makers to the bottom of the cauldron
  • Fill it with water.
  • Install the light beneath the crate so that it can give effects without getting caught.
  • You’re now good to go. Turn on everything that needs to be turned on and appreciate your very own smokey cauldron.


Now that everyone is discouraged from holding a trick or treat because of the pandemic, we can still enjoy the Halloween celebration through easy yet extra arts and crafts. If you haven’t felt the holiday spirit yet, decorating the house is one way to immerse yourself in the Halloween fun.

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