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Are you planning an international move? If you have decided that it is more cost-effective to bring our car along instead of buying a new, then you would want to start planning real early on how to transport your car overseas.

Cars are huge items to transport especially if they are being moved across the ocean.  Do read on for some guides on the process of transporting your car overseas. As air transport is incredibly expensive for shipping a car, the guide below will be concentrating on shipping a car overseas by ship.

How much does it cost to transport a car overseas?

There are many factors that determine the cost of car shipping such as distance.  Other factors include :-

  1.  The different types of services such as port to port, door to port, or door to door service?  Is domestic transport included?  Any destination fee included?
  2. The method used for shipping the vehicle – Whether it is via roll on roll off or ocean container? Would it be a shared container or a sole container?

You would need to request for quotes if you want to determine how much it cost to ship a vehicle overseas.  With quotes, you can also learn how to ship your car because the quotes will contain information such as the port of departure and arrival, necessary documentation, costs and etc.  Searching for the right an auto transport company to ship your car seems like a daunting task and this is where an online shipping marketplace like Shiply can help. All you have to do is just fill out a simple form with the necessary details and the auto transport companies will send you personalized quotes straight to your mailbox.  This offers you the convenience of comparing quotes and options all in one place. 

Other shipping costs to consider are as follows:-

  • Marine insurance
  • Destination charges
  • Customs duty
  • Additional taxes and fees 

Timeframe For Shipping A Car Overseas

For overseas destinations, how long it takes to ship a car depends largely on the destination. You can expect your car to arrive between a week to a month after it ships out. 

Another thing that impacts when you can get your car is the shipping method you would be choosing.  The fastest way is to book a sole shipping container.  If you are not keen on spending so much, you may choose consolidated vehicle shipping where your car will share the space with other vehicles that are going to the same destination.  This will greatly extend your timeline as the shipping company would need to wait for the container to fill up before shipping. 

As mentioned above, there are two different ways to ship your car and they are:-

Sole Container Shipping

If you want your car to arrive quickly, then book a 20ft container.  Once all the paperwork and documents are in place, the shipping company will clear customs and your car will be loaded on the next available vessel to be shipped.

Consolidated Vehicle Shipping

This is the most popular method of shipping where your car is shipped in a container with other vehicles bound for the same final destination port. It generally takes longer since the company must have other vehicles to fill the container before it can be shipped overseas.

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