Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
6 Essential Tips To Keep Your Branded Sunglasses Clean

Most people often include shades in their list of essential items. These people use it to shield their eyes from bright lights and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. People also buy sunglasses to accentuate their outfits, especially during the summer. 

While you can find affordable sunglasses in most stores, you may also invest in expensive branded eyewear to add more flair to your attire. Since these items may cost a lot of money, you need to ensure that you will properly care for them. 

Here are several ways to ensure that your precious pairs of sunglasses are clean at all times. 

Tip #1: Handle With Clean Hands 

Before touching your glasses, always ensure that both your hands are clean from any type of dirt or grime. You must also remove any lotion residues or any other sticky solutions in your hands before holding your eyewear. It will ensure that you will not transfer those specks of dirt in your expensive eye shades. 

Tip #2: Rinse With Lukewarm Water 

To remove all the accumulated dust, grime, and dirt, you need to wash your glasses under the tap with flowing lukewarm water. It will allow you to avoid blemishing the lens while cleaning. However, you need to steer clear of extremely hot water because it can cause damages to some types of eyeglass lens coatings.  

Tip #3: Place Tiny Drops Of Lotion-Free Dishwashing Soap To Both Lenses

Almost all the dishwashing liquids that you can find in the market are highly concentrated. It means that you only need to use a small amount to clean your expensive sunglasses. You may also place a couple of drops of this liquid on your fingertips then spread it on the glass for more efficient cleaning. 

Tip #4: Rub Both Sides Of The Lens Gently 

Ensure that all parts of the glasses are thoroughly cleaned by rubbing them with your fingertips or a piece of microfibre cloth. You must cover every part of the eyewear, including the tips of the temples that fit at the back of your ears and the nose pads. It is also necessary to clean the spot where the tip of the lens connects with the frame since dirt and skin oils usually gather in the area.

Tip #5: Rinse All Areas Of The Lens Properly

You must always ensure that you will eliminate all the traces of soap and cleansers in the lens. If you fail to do so, the dried traces will blemish and scratch the lenses.  

Tip #6: Dry Carefully

After rinsing the sunglasses, you must gently shake them off to get rid of most water. Then dry the lenses carefully using a clean towel made from lint-free fabric. Ensure that the towel you will use was not washed with a dryer sheet or fabric softener. You also need to ensure that the towel is spotless and free from any debris or dirt like cooking oil or dust to avoid smearing the lens.  

These tips will help you keep your sunglasses clean at all times. In case there is any stubborn dirt in your expensive eyewear, you can take them to the optical store to have them cleaned professionally. It will help you enjoy using your luxury eyewear for a very long time. 


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