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Vacuuming our rugs is something that most of us do on a regular basis. However, many individuals do it solely as part of their daily cleaning routine, without giving any attention to why we need to clean our rugs in the first place.

Some of us vacuum to extend the life of the rug, while others vacuum to maintain the aesthetic of their home, eliminating any undesired dust, fluff, pet hair, and filth. But rug cleaning is much more than that, and many people aren’t aware of the additional health advantages of having their rug professionally cleaned.

Rug cleaning improves the aesthetic of your house and extends the life of the rug, but arguably the most important advantage is that it improves the health of your family. According to medical study, it is especially crucial to clean your rugs on a regular basis if any of your family members suffer from illnesses like asthma or snoring.

Vacuuming should be done on a regular basis.

Professional rug cleaning will not only give your rug that perfect look that you’ve been striving to accomplish on your own, but it will also improve your health. If rugs are not cleaned to a specified quality on a regular basis, those who suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, or other lung problems are more likely to develop health problems. So, let’s look at what a professional clean can do for you and your rug…

Vacuuming your rug, sofa, and rugs on a daily basis is a vital component of keeping them in good condition. Your rug, however, will grow dusty and dull as a result of air pollution, youngsters, and pets. So, if you want to thoroughly clean your rug, you need hire a rug cleaning service. Here are a few additional reasons to hire a professional to clean your rugs:

1. Gets rid of blocked dirt

A dirty rug will hold several strains of dirt deep in the fibres, according to the Agency for Environmental Protection, including pet hair, lead, insect allergies, particle pollution, everyday dust and grime. Toxic gases can develop in the air, stick to the particles, and become trapped in the carpeting. Daily activities release these harmful chemicals from the carpets. Walking over the carpeting and vacuuming it, for example, pollutes the air in your house.

A professional rug cleaning service can remove this bacteria from your carpets by using a specially designed cleaning solution and strong vacuums to remove impurities that have been deeply embedded in the fibres of your rug.

2. It gets rid of dust mite infestations.

Dust mites exist and are widely found in the house, despite their invisibility to the naked sight. Dust mite body parts and faeces are allergens that, if not eliminated, can cause people to develop severe allergies. Dust mites that are typically trapped in carpets are killed by blasting them at high temperatures, which is an exceptionally efficient technique to get rid of them once and for all!

Mites may infest rugs that are not cleaned on a regular basis, but most homeowners are unaware of such infestations since mites are minute critters. When the region is agitated by worsened allergies, the particles can readily be ingested due to their small size. The steam cleaning method is used by many professional cleaning agencies. The dust mites are killed by exposing the rug to high temperatures.

3. It prolongs the life of your expensive rug.

On your carpets, dirt and grime act like sandpaper. Vacuuming the rug does not get rid of all of the dirt and grime that has collected over time. Only expert rug cleaning can provide deep cleaning, keeping your rug fresh and extending its life.

4. Maintains the interior’s beauty.

Pollutants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Insect allergies, pet dander (skin flakes shed by animals), ordinary dust and debris, and even traces of lead can become trapped in your carpets. Everyday actions like vacuuming or even walking across the rug can pollute your house by releasing hazardous airborne pollutants. If these poisonous gases penetrate your body, your health may deteriorate. Professional rug cleaners utilise unique shampooing formulations to remove impurities that have become embedded in the rug, regardless of how deep they have penetrated.

Rugs attract grime, dust, dirt, allergies, and germs like a magnet. If your rugs haven’t been professionally cleaned, contaminants can build up and create an unhealthy environment in your house. Bed bugs and dust mites that may have been identified in your rug can be removed with our hot water extraction rug cleaning procedure. In any space, a clean carpeting produces a new, vivid mood. A space free of stains and grime, whether at home or at work, is always welcome. Professional rug cleaners are trained to not only clean unclean carpets, but also to remove ugly stains and deep-seated grime produced by shoes, dogs, and a variety of other factors.

The advantages of expert rug cleaning for your health

Professional rug cleaning does more than only restore the appearance of your rugs. Its rug cleaning procedure has a slew of fantastic health advantages that may help both your family and your pets.

5. Cleaner, more breathable air

Dander, dust, and tiny critters live in large quantities in your rugs. Conventional cleaning procedures, like as vacuuming, might often be ineffective in removing them. They are frequently hidden deep inside the rug’s strands, making self-removal difficult. Other times, as you walk through the carpets, they will readily spread into the air. These allergens accumulate in your rug over time. As a result, breathing in the surroundings might be challenging. Allergies may be triggered by their presence, especially in big numbers. Asthma flare-ups, congested or disturbed sinuses, and flu-like symptoms are all examples. Take a look at some of the air purifiers that have been recommended to aid with allergies.

Professional rug cleaning penetrates to the lowest parts of your rug, removing and cleaning particles that are too little for you to see but not so small that they can’t harm your body. You should also consider hiring an HVAC firm to inspect your air conditioning.

6. Mould Prevention and Removal

Standing water, which is common in homes with high humidity levels, soaks into rug fibres and encourages the formation of mould, which can lead to health issues such as respiratory difficulties. A professional rug clean includes a drying component that eliminates any moisture left behind, eradicating any mould that may have been there earlier and aiding in the prevention of future development.

Mould is spread by microscopic creatures that feed on damp things. Even little quantities of water in your carpeting might cause mould and mildew to bloom. Mold-causing particles are nearly constantly present in the air, and completely eliminating them is quite difficult. It might be tough to completely eliminate them on your own once they begin to grow. Cleaning the mould with antibacterial spray alone won’t be enough to kill the spores that are still hidden in your rug. These spores are dispersed into the air, causing a variety of health issues.

Mold can cause major allergic responses in some people, but it can also cause symptoms like a runny nose, headaches, and nausea in others. Mold cannot be completely removed from a rug using traditional cleaning methods, nor can it be prevented from developing and spreading. If liquids seep into your carpeting, getting them out might be quite tough. They may quickly become a great breeding place for mould spores. You may assure that all liquids are eliminated from the rug with a thorough and expert rug cleaning. Mold spores lurking and attempting to take root in the rug will be removed by expert cleaning.

Now that you’ve read the health advantages, you can see that cleaning rugs entails much more than merely gathering crumbs and fluff from the surface! Don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at Prestige Rug Spa if you want to get the health advantages of a thoroughly cleaned rug.

Nothing else cleans your rugs as thoroughly or as effectively as this, ensuring that hazardous germs cannot hurt you. Rug cleaning by a professional cleaner should be done once every few months to get the most out of the service. This will lower the number of contaminants in the rug and enhance the health of you and your family.

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