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6 Qualities that a Community Manager should have <![CDATA[6 Qualities that a Community Manager should have]]>

6 Qualities that a Community Manager should have Managing social networks in a successful way is not for everyone, some believe that it is very simple and it’s just about navigating the different platforms and having a good time. It is true that if you like social networks you will have a good time, but when dealing with a job, there are things you cannot stop doing so they are not your favorites. To become a Community Manager it is not enough to manage your own profiles in the RRSS or have done a course of a few hours. There are many elements that must be taken into account. According to leading digital marketing school; Abu Dhabi nursery , an excellent way to earn money is to manage other people’s social media profiles in a professional manner. The latter is the keyword of all this. The Community Manager is the person who is responsible for executing the strategy devised in the first place by the Social Media Manager. He is responsible for the publications that are made at the right time and also is the human representation of the brand in the web 2.0 because it must interact with the audience permanently (in comments, likes, etc). As there is still no university career that is responsible for forming community manager, nor are there any state institutions that certify the education / knowledge / experience of people who consider themselves professionals in this area, it is very easy to fall into the hands of fraudsters. If you are a company that is looking for a Community Manager to manage your own networks like Social Media Promotion, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Promotion networks or you need to put together a team for a digital marketing agency under construction, then look below for the most important qualities (in no specific order) that you should look for in your candidates to community manager.

  1. Passion for the RRSS:if a person does not like social networks and only uses them for their work in a compulsory way, they will not have the same attitude as a person who really feels passion for it. The latter continue to grow every day because they are hungry for information, which makes them self-taught.
  2. Commitment:if a community manager fails, it can seriously damage the company’s reputation in social networks, which is why those involved in the management of the accounts must be committed. When they are committed to their work and their functions, they will have initiative and a better attitude to face each one of the situations.
In the commitment also enters the element of responsibility. A community manager needs to be aware that he has in his hands profiles of corporate accounts that are not his own, so he must manage them with much more care and knowing the responsibility that this implies.
  1. Adaptation:this aspect is important because when representing the company in the RRSS you must use a language that reflects that instead of your own. This may seem simple when you are managing a single account, but the situation becomes more complicated as you have more clients.
The necessary adaptation because the community manager is the voice of the brand and must communicate with the personality of the same. If it does not, the message will not be as effective for the audience, that if it follows the brand it is because it likes what it represents. So you should look for the candidate to be able to change like a chameleon depending on the profile that is being managed.
  1. Experience:Of course, experience can be obtained along the way, but when it comes to RSS it does not make sense not to have experience in the field because we even use it personally. However, this is not the only experience that is needed, but also the one that has to do with corporate accounts, how to manage them, how to get followers, the best times to publish, among others.
Answer the comments of a personal account that of a corporate account. In the first we can tell people what we want, block them and demand respect, but when you are managing an account that is not yours you cannot respond from anger or anger to those who come to the comments to be trolls or to complain in a way inadequate The experience is what helps us keep a cool head because despite there are so many things to do, give time for everything.
  1. Creativity:this is one of the things that are sometimes underestimated but that actually contribute a lot to the management of social networks. It is necessary for the community manager candidate to be creative because otherwise his work becomes monotonous, boring and the followers will notice.
On the other hand, when a person is creative and takes their audience by surprise, this will be reflected in the number of followers and also in the engagement, which is the importance that the audience gives to the publications that are shared. 6.Preparation: this is where the courses that have been made, the diplomas, the amount of programs, tools (applications, browser extensions) and tricks up the sleeve that each candidate has come into play. If you look, the academic preparation is just one of the 6 aspects that you should look for among the community manager candidates, so do not let yourself be dazzled by an incredible curriculum. He prefers to test his abilities and skills during a conversation or with a practical example, instead of being left alone with what they say they know in theory.       Author-Bio: Kazim Raza is a Digital Marketing specialist @ chair repair in Dhabi and Search Engine Analyst who love socializing and playing soccer. One of his target is to guide people how to earn a living via online marketing. He says that there is a proper method to do this, and once you learn what that is, you become unstoppable]]>

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