General surgeons are the ones that perform surgeries on the patients. They are highly qualified doctors who gained a specialization degree in the surgical processes. General surgeons highly emphasize the health and safety of their patients.

 In this article, we will learn the 6 things to prevent appendicitis recommended by General surgeons. 


The appendix is a small part of the large intestine. When the appendix gets affected by any infection or inflammation, it results to cause appendicitis. Appendicitis can occur slowly and gradually or all at once. 

There is no in-between. Either the person gets symptoms of having appendicitis or it can swell and burst immediately. They are Causing the server health condition of the patient or worst, death. 


In this article, you will learn 6 essential things to get yourself protected from getting appendicitis. 


  • Eat healthy food


General surgeons recommend eating food with a lot of fiber, whole grains, fish, green vegetables, dry fruits, and oatmeals. Healthy food can prevent the risk of appendicitis. Add fruits to your daily diet. 

Dring fresh fruit juices and milkshakes  Secure your body with a solid immune system. A good metabolism process will make you safe and secure from getting any appendicitis.


  • Drink a lot of water


The human cell is consists of 70% of water. That means our body is mainly made up of water. Drinking water balances your hydration level and helps to digest and pass out the waste materials easily from your body. 

Drinking water is not only necessary for kidney problems, but it also treats a lot of diseases and dysfunctions in your body. 


  • Avoid junk food items


 Junk foods can cause many problems within your body like:

  • This food item weakens your immune system.
  • Causes blockage inside of the appendix.
  • Affects the digestive system.
  • Damages kidney health.
  • Increases heart problems. 

Try to avoid junk foods as much as you can. Eat fresh, healthy, and home-cooked food. When something infects your digestive system, there is a high chance that your body gets prone to appendicitis. 


  • Avoid food seeds


Food seeds are healthy but not all the time. Fruits and vegetable seeds cannot get digested in the stomach hence they can block the inside the appendix. 

These fruits and vegetables include orange seeds, barley seeds, cocoa seeds, melon seeds, fig seeds, grape seeds, oat seeds, date seeds, nuts, and cumin. Keep the seeds out from your diet list to keep your appendix happy. 

  1. Do workout regularly

Workout is the best way to prevent appendicitis recommended by general surgeons. Workouts not only keep you fit and healthy but also boosts up your immune system. 

If you have a family history of appendicitis, you need to work out regularly. Do simple exercises like lying down and moving your legs and knees. Bring both of the knees close to your chest and then stretch. Repeat the process.


  • Avoid stress and depression


A happy mind keeps the heart and other internal organs happy. Stress can cause so much destruction not only to your mental health but also to physical health too. General surgeons recommend living a happy and stress-free life to avoid appendicitis.


The infected appendix needs immediate treatment or surgery. It is recommended to always follow these 6 things. See your doctor as soon as you face any stomach issues. These things may help you in preventing appendix.

If you want to consult a general surgeon right away you can find General Surgeon in Lahore and General Surgeon in Islamabad at oladoc. Although there is no proven way for preventing appendixes, these 6 things might help you.


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