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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, leaving no stone unturned. This means that it has significantly affected the online gambling industry in the country as well. As a result, horse betting on the racetracks had taken a back seat for the past year amidst the uncertain conditions where attendance was prohibited.

Thankfully, races, such as the Tancred Stakes are expected to have close to full attendance. This was also the time when online betting became even more popular. There have been quite a few advantages of this approach of betting. For example, with the help of your laptop, you have a wealth of betting information at your fingertips. This gives you an edge and a better chance of winning. 

Now, as attendance at horse races has been increasing, the amalgamation of online and physical betting has been on the rise once again. Yet, a lot of people continue to stay vary of the idea of betting post-COVID. This is why we have compiled a list of factors you should consider before you put your money into horse betting today. 

  • Be Prepared for Any Changes

The one thing that COVID-19 brought with it is uncertainty. Wave after wave tells us that we cannot be prepared and hope racetracks will be open and then start betting. This is why it is best to rely on remote betting for now. 

Since the races are announced to take place in March and will be opening their course to an audience, it is still best not to plan according to that. The best Rankwick Guineas tips we can give you is to plan your bets only when the time is near. 

  • There Has Been a High Betting Turnover 

Regardless of the lack of sponsors and the drop in on-course bookmaking, the rise of online betting platforms has resulted in a high betting turnover. This is due to the cup season in Australia. For example, a two-thirds increase in the betting turnover on the autumn carnival shows that online betting is gaining significant popularity in horse racing. Most people will now make their bets online or follow an amalgamation of online and on-course betting in upcoming races like Tancred stakes 2022.

  • Handicapping Is More Important than Ever Before

Handicapping refers to analysing information from previous races to help determine the ability and strength of the horse in a race. As mentioned earlier, since you will not be able to analyse the horse’s behaviour physically, you will need to rely on the handicapping system. Understanding these systems will increase your chances of winning, especially in the post COVID era. Place your bids only strategically to increase your betting odds.

  • Tools and Resources Are Significantly Helpful

Horse racing resources and tools, such as tipsters and books, have become significantly important in the horse race betting industry post-COVID-19. The industry has changed considerably from what it used to be before the pandemic as online betting has exponentially increased. For this reason, many online websites keep a host of free resources that can provide you insights on betting tips, horse breeds, jockeys, past races, and the likes. Hop over to Palmerbet.com to learn everything you want to know about horse racing and betting tips. 

  • Prize Money for Betting Have Dropped

After the return of racing post-COVID-19, the prize money has significantly dropped because of the lack of sponsors and revenue generated by races. Now sponsors are interested in getting the money they lost during the lockdown. Even on-course bookmaking has dropped by more than half. Conditions of the prize money and on-course bookmaking will likely remain the same until punters and audiences are allowed to come back to races which is expected to improve by the time Randwick Guineas 2022 takes place. 

  • Reliance on History is enhanced 

It is common practice to go to the padlock before the race to assess the horse physically based on calmness, alertness, the type of coat, and more. This gives you a better idea of the agility and performance of the horse, allowing you to improve your betting odds. However, amidst the pandemic, races don’t allow audience attendance anymore, which means you cannot rely on the horse’s physical characteristics. 

As an alternative, it is best to place your bets after analyzing the history of the horse in terms of races won, the form of the horse, previous winners, running history, betting tips and more. Also, emphasize more on learning the history of upcoming events like Randwick Guineas and Tancred stakes to improve your betting odds.

Final Words

Though online gambling was still popular before the pandemic struck, it is clear that this trend will only keep growing. Even with racetracks gradually opening and the Randwick Guineas and Tancred stakes predicted to have an audience, it seems that many people would still prefer to use online betting resources.

If you want to dabble into the world of online sports betting, the best service you can use is undoubtedly Palmerbet. They offer excellent betting experiences to all punters across the country and in various sports, including horse racing. Not only that, but they will also provide you with winners, betting odds and tips of other famous races. Visit their website for more information!

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