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Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament season is here! While the game remains the aim of the tournament, the finer details bring everything together. Don’t overlook golf hole sponsor signs as you think through advertorial ideas, budget items, and clubhouse promotional opportunities for your facility. 

Yes, you heard it right! Hole sponsor signs are functional marketing tools if used correctly. Golf course tee signs should be highly decorative elements that amplify the image of the course. From granite, wood to etched metals to make custom advertorial signages. To learn more on how to encourage the guests and new customers for frequent visitations, keep reading! 

What are the right measurements of golf hole sponsor signs? 

Trust us when attracting visitors and players; there’s no better way than giant golf tournament sponsor signs! This signage can be anywhere from 2ft X 3ft to 5ft X1 2ft. With water and fade materials, we recommend you choose the intent of your golf signage if you plan on reusing the sign for future events. 

In most golf tournaments, each hole is sponsored by different businesses and organizations. Therefore, golf tournament hole sponsor signs are placed at each hole sponsoring each hole in the golf tournament. In standard, “This hole is sponsored by” signs are created from coroplast and substantially feature the sponsor’s name, logo, or enterprise information as to their level of sponsorship. 

The standard measurements for golf hole sponsor signs are 18” x 24” as a rectangle, but you can also choose various shapes, including a sign that looks like a golf ball! The standard diameter of circular hole sponsor signs varies from 17-18 inches. 

How to choose hole sponsor signs for your facility? 

With vaccination rollout underway, playing golf is on many people’s radar today. To begin with, the tee markers you choose need to be identifiable. Next, choose the colors that contrast to ensure colors complement each other. 

Golf hole sponsor signs should highlight your property logo and significant signages if you want to promote your golf course facility. The sign should be accurate and easily located to catch the attention of visitors and golfers. Adding in-ground yardage markers is a key to an immaculate course with the pace of play for more possible rounds. 

If you think the mounting styles and options are difficult, we suggest you try to hang those around posts or attach them to natural elements on your course. 

The accurate and easily located hole signs help in a memorable golf experience for the guests. Additionally, the shapes, sizes, or colors feature multiple layouts, including detailed logos, hole graphic illustrations, and sponsor information. 

In Conclusion

As golfers make their way back to playing countless rounds of golf, we recommend placing advertorial signages in a high-traffic area. As for the golf hole sponsor signs, be sure that information and instructions are easy for people to identify. 

While resident instructors generally administer the signages, ensure your hole sponsor signs consist of striking patterns for promoting sponsors, the facility, and more. 

To know more about hole sponsor signs, stay tuned!

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