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As soon as a boy turns 13 years of age in a Jewish household, it is time to commemorate their coming of age in full vigour. Every parent wants to throw the most happening and memorable Bar Mitzvah for their lovely boy. So, here are some tips and tricks to make the party a complete success.

1.Prepare the guest list

As soon as you get to know the date of the ritual, get to planning. A bar mitzvah is all about having a good time with loved ones. So, start by making a list of people you want at the party. It should have not only your family but also your child’s friends and neighbours. A well-thought-out guest list will guide you in the right direction thereon.

2.Venue visionary

The venue is everything when it comes to a happening bar mitzvah party. The most important thing that you should be looking for when you go venue hunting is the spaciousness of the area. A guest list of about 100 should suffice in an area of around 900 to 1200 square feet. Keep in mind the décor that will be added to the place when looking at it. There should be a dedicated dance floor area, a proper parking lot, and well-maintained restrooms. The venue should be located in a convenient location that would be easy for you and your guests to reach.

3.Manage the Music

A bar mitzvah is incomplete without the traditional Horahdance, to begin with. The traditional dance calls for the Hava Nagila music to complement it. So, when you go looking for a DJ, make sure they have some experience as a Bar Mitzvah DJ. Once the horah is over, a DJ can churn some amazing melodies that will make every leg in the party shake and bounce. It is a wise decision to contact Joel Kuperholz when you want a DJ who can add the right music to your boy’s special day. A mix of trendy chart-topping numbers with a dash of tradition thrown into the mix! Make sure that you book the DJ beforehand, so there is no chance of you not getting one for the event if it’s the peak season.


Lighting is not just for illuminating the space when it comes to this celebration; the right lighting can add and accentuate the décor of the venue. It can transform the most simple and bland looking space into a mesmerizing mitzvah ceremony. Think about adding some fun on the dance floor with intelligent lighting or gobos. Consider spotlights and stage colour for the speeches.

5.Decide the Menu

The food is one of the most important aspects of a memorable bar mitzvah. It is a good idea to collaborate with a caterer who is adept in Jewish cuisine and preparing food that is kosher. However, if you are feeling fancy and want to give an international touch to the menu, then consider collaborating with your favourite restaurant that serves the particular cuisine you want to serve. Even if you plan to serve modern gastronomically wonders, a bar mitzvah is incomplete without including some of the Jewish traditional gems like challah, chicken soup,borekos, bulemoas, and boyos filled with cheese, spinach, onion, potato, baklava, sweet or savoury “cigars,” matzo ball soup, stuffed grape leaves, and potato pancakes. Although it is a party to celebrate your child, do not forget to spice up the menu with some seltzer, Manischewitz, and more. Also, keep the menus interesting enough to catch the fancy of the kids who attend the party. Trust us; there will be more kids and adults.

6.The cake makes or breaks it

A cake is compulsory for a bar mitzvah. Go out of the way to get the gorgeous cake you can find in town. Bakers are now much more innovative with not only flavours and textures but also the aesthetic appeal of the cake. Keep this young, fun, and fresh when it comes to the cake.

A well-planned bar mitzvah party is bound to be a great one. So, start early and plan and prepare as much as you can way ahead of time.

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