Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

From kids’ birthday parties to corporate events, face painting and balloon twisting have become very popular. These days, people hire professional artists who specialise in painting faces and twisting balloons. A trustworthy artist can make the occasion extremely exciting and enjoy able for the guests. But, everything has to be sanitised and safe. Hence, this article offers a complete guide to selecting the right professionals for the job.
Ask these following questions when hiring a face painter:

What type of paint material is used?

Usually referred to as ‘paints’, the materials are known as cosmetics that need to be safe and hypoallergenic. There are several brands offering high-quality paints for facial skin. It is necessary to ensure that a professional isn’t using acrylic paint, craft paint or any other kind that is not specifically designed for the skin.

What is the sanitisation procedure?

A professional will need to sanitise their paintbrushes before using them on a new person. If they use sponges, those will need to be sanitised as well. An immediate answer given to this question ensures safety against unwanted diseases of any kind.

Can a professional fulfil special party needs?

Every party or event has a theme and face painters should be ready with some great design ideas to fulfil those needs. Try looking into their existing portfolio to understand what sorts of designs are created by the face painter.

How to take off the paint after the party?

Usually, it doesn’t take too much work to remove the paint. However, a professional should provide complete step-by-step instructions regarding the removal and clean-up of the face paint.

Along with these questions, one can also ask a professional if they offer face painting and balloon twisting altogether. Or choose an agency that provides the services of professional face painters and balloon twisters. This will reduce the hassle and can even save you money at the same time. Many agencies provide special offers when two services are hired together. Regardless, one should ask some questions to a balloon twister as well.
Ask these questions when hiring a balloon twister:

What is the capacity of twisting balloons per hour?

This is a pretty broad question because it depends on the event duration as well as the type of designs required. Custom sculptures take longer time than simple designs. For normal twisting, the average value should be around 10 to 15. However, some easier and faster designs can be around 20 to 25 depending on the skills of the professional. It would be wise to analyse the portfolio of a professional to clearly understand what he or she is offering in terms of custom sculptures and simple designs.

Which designs are the specialities of a professional?

Twisting balloons is an art and every artist has some favourites. Some twisters specialise in standard animals, while others feel comfortable with objects. Knowing the speciality will help in making a wise selection depending on the theme and requirement of a party. However, any balloon artist should have the ability to fulfil the custom requests of individual party guests. So, the versatility is undeniably a valuable feature to look at when hiring.

Can a professional create movie and cartoon characters?

When it comes to custom requests, people tend to revolve around popular characters from movies and cartoons. Hence, a professional twister should be ready with the ability to create perfect characters requested by the guests. The same capability can be utilised when throwing a princess party, a mermaid party or any other character-based party.

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