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360 Booth

It’s impossible to deny that the photo booth industry has evolved. Initially, it transitioned from large, bulky booths to slick iPad stands and funky mirror booths. And now what? Everyone desires a 360-degree booth at their event.

The trends have shifted, and the demand for video content is at an all-time high. Have you noticed how Instagram has been relentlessly pushing video content lately? Reels and stories have taken over the platform, with photo engagement falling dramatically.

There’s no denying that 360 Photo Booths are becoming increasingly popular. A 360 Booth is an excellent way for your clients to add a one-of-a-kind touch to their wedding, throw a fantastic party, or get some fantastic branded videos for their business.

1.Select a photo booth software that includes the best video builder in the industry.

As previously stated, when selecting photo booth software for your business, iOS-based software is the way to go. There are several on the market right now, but choose the one with the most potent video builder.

We are unquestionably the winner, with their VideoFX builder allowing you to be wildly creative. You can add an insane amount of customization and detail to your videos. They’ve also added incredible effects and presets to make your video experiences stand out.

And don’t worry if you get stuck! They provide 24-hour live support to assist you whenever you need it.

2.Make use of a High-Quality Recording Device.

You’ll undoubtedly want high-quality videos for your 360 booths. So pick the option that works best for you.

The following are the most commonly used devices in a 360 booth:

  • A DSLR
  • An iPhone
  • An iPad
  • GoPro

Each recording device has advantages and disadvantages that vary depending on the software you use. Whatever option you choose, ensure you have purchased the most recent model, as this will produce the highest quality videos.

3.Purchase a Durable, Well-Made 360 Booth

As the popularity of 360-degree booths grows, so does the number of manufacturers claiming to have the best product on the market. To find the best and most dependable device to add to your photo booth arsenal, you’ll need some thorough research.

What could go wrong if you purchase a flimsy, unstable booth? So many things, for example:

  • Because your 360 Booth’s platform and arm need to be more stable and well-built, your videos could be better.
  • Your guests will fall off the platform if it wobbles or breaks.
  • Because the attachment is faulty, your expensive iPhone 13 will fly across the room.

4.Don’t be afraid to be inventive.

Once you have the necessary equipment and software, you can begin creating epic video templates for your activations.

If you rent a 360 booth, you can use We’s AI Segmentation feature to create personalized 360 videos. For example, you can draw attention to the subject of the video by using an effect (such as comic or chromatic aberration) and making the background black and white.

AI Segmentation can also be used for regular iPad booth activations. This is an excellent method for replacing the background or achieving a unique freeze-frame effect.

You can also use the We app to add the following to your videos:

  • Videos for the Intro and Outro
  • Overlays for Animated or Static Music Tracks
  • Effects and Filters
  • Reverse, Slo-Mo, and Speed Ramp
  • The Green Screen

These are excellent choices for branded events. You can approach corporations and demonstrate to them how customizable your video activations can be by including their branding as intro/outro videos and overlays. It’s also a great way to showcase your event’s theme.

5.Good lighting makes a huge difference.

Lighting has a significant impact on the quality of your videos. The more light there is, the better!

If your event is taking place during the day, you won’t need any additional lighting (keep an eye out for direct sunlight on the camera, as it will over-expose your subjects!).

If your event is indoors or at night, place a few LED lights around the perimeter of your 360 booths facing the subject.

A small ring light, when attached to the arm of your booth along with the recording device, is also helpful.

6.Select an Easy Sharing Option

Nothing is worse than waiting in line, so save your guests from that dreadful fate by incorporating a sharing system that allows the queue to move smoothly and quickly.

We offer the following sharing options:

  • AI Sharing
  • Sharing Station
  • QR Contactless Sharing
  • Instant Text or Email Sharing

All these sharing options will allow your guests to send their 360-degree videos to their phones instantly.

So, to keep up with the trend, use 360 photo booths Candere and create amazing reels and videos and top the trending list.

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