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In today’s fast-paced society, attracting and retaining the attention of website visitors can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like you’re battling the entire Internet in just a few seconds, which can make the difference between staying undetected and getting your content in front of the right eyes.

Although it is really difficult, it is definitely possible! Video content is one of the most popular methods of driving traffic to your website and increasing the number of views on your website. Videos are a smart choice for content because they engage visitors in a personal, immediate and effective way.

However, when it comes to creating relevant video content, the sky is the limit. The bad news is that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to start can be enough to stop you from getting started at all. Whether you’re looking for a webinar platform for your videos or wondering how to become an influencer with video content, the options are so vast that getting started is often intimidating.

Blog Video Ideas:

  • Webinars
  • Instructions
  • Meet the team
  • Personal offers
  • Behind the scenes video

We will examine each of the points in more detail below. The good news is that there are several proven ways to use bumper video content. Social media browsers and potential website visitors tend to stop scrolling or stop clicking when confronted with one of several types of proven video content methods.

Embed video into blog

Many brands and online stores are already using a blog to communicate with potential customers and website visitors and make a lasting impression.

Photos and videos have been proven to be better for today’s attention span. Embedding video into your blog not only increases the chances of your post being read thoroughly, but it also leaves a longer, more thorough impression than a standalone blog post.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic, embedded video is an ideal way to boost conversions and boost SEO, making your brand more visible and accessible to those who might be interested in it. Of course, you can also try a presentation tool to format your video before embedding it. These tools allow you to organize videos or other media files sequentially, which is ideal for a series of blog videos.

It is also important to remember: For stable and reliable operation of the site – you need high-quality VPS hosting. Cube Host – best VPS hosting.

Recording a webinar video

Webinars are a great way to interact with your audience live. Only live can you truly interact with your visitors and participants. Live interactions such as polls, Q&As, and real-time chat create a sense of presence from the host.

The problem with live webinars is that they are often held once and the content disappears forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The best webinar platforms allow you to record the webinar session in real time and automatically send it to everyone who attended the webinars.

Moreover, you can reuse the webinar video to attract even more visitors. Once you have your webinar video, edit it to cut out unnecessary parts and leave only the meat of the video. Don’t worry if it gets shorter – it’s better to have a short and to-the-point video than a long one that drags and doesn’t get to the point.

Video recording of a webinar also opens up a new marketing channel for you – automated webinars. By setting up an automated webinar funnel, you put your lead generation on autopilot. Attendees can register and view the webinar without you actually being present in the webinar session.

How-to video

Once you have your video embedded, it’s time to level up and move on to a new type of video content to attract visitors. How-to videos have proven to be some of the most popular videos on the internet, and there are many reasons for this. In the age of YouTube, it is becoming increasingly easier to search the Internet for videos that teach us how to do new things.

Basically, this makes educational videos very valuable to potential viewers simply because they have to share their knowledge. But on a deeper level, instructional videos are worth much more than their surface-level offerings.

Video viewers will return again and again to the content host they connect with. If you present relevant information in an interesting, useful and unique way, you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website and increase brand loyalty. One way to do this is to use screencasting. This entails capturing your own screen on video. Not only is this perfect for how-to videos, but it’s also a way to personally connect with your audience.

And of course, if you’re selling or promoting a product or service of any kind, a training video is the perfect way to introduce potential customers to the product, familiarize them with how it works, and help them take big steps forward. feel comfortable and familiar enough to try it for yourself.

Meet the team Video

When a visitor clicks on your website, it is in some ways like welcoming them into your home. With a few simple clicks, they’ll have access to information about who you are, what you do, what’s important to your brand, and why they should engage with it.

Even if your website already has these components, adding a “meet the team” video will do wonders in helping visitors feel at home on your website and better understand who you are and what you are about.

With video content like this, it’s a great opportunity to unleash your creativity. Focus on the most unique and integral parts of your brand and your values. Brainstorm about your ideal customer demographic and tailor every aspect of your video to what that group would most like to see.

Personal video offers

Not all videos are designed to attract all visitors to your site. The more personalized the video you can record, the more special and engaged the viewer will feel. A little personal touch can go a long way.

Sales and marketing proposals recorded on video make the viewer feel truly special because the video was made especially for them and only them. This is a great way to look unique and stand out from the crowd. This is what sets you apart from your competitors, and you can bet your potential client will remember you.

Additionally, the video format allows you to explain and show the entire process of how you are going to achieve the results your prospect or client wants. They don’t want to read long documents or scan dozens of pages to put together a picture. Instead, they want complex problems and solutions explained to them in a clear and consistent way that makes sense.

Another benefit of recording your sales/marketing proposal on video is that the potential client will hear your voice and see your face. This will make you more authentic and trustworthy. This shows that you are not trying to hide behind the scenes. Instead, you are actually proactively and transparently showing up and sharing your knowledge. It’s not always easy, but it pays off precisely because it’s not easy.

Behind the scenes video

After all, we all like to be reminded that even the most powerful among us are still people just like us. In this age of grandiose marketing campaigns and Instagram filters, content creators are rarely able to give viewers a humanizing and authentic look behind the curtain.

This type of content not only builds brand connection and loyalty, but also builds trust. Browsers are much more likely to trust brands that they perceive to be open and honest with them than brands that appear closed and as if they are hiding something.

No matter what your brand stands for, using behind-the-scenes video to give visitors a sense of what you do—be it the good, the bad, or the ugly—will go a long way in attracting visitors and keeping them coming back. to get more content from your brand.


As technology and digital trends continue to evolve and change, one thing that likely won’t change anytime soon is the popularity of video for content marketing. Video marketing has several benefits for both small and large businesses. It can foster connection and convey authenticity in a way that other forms of content cannot.

If you’re new to video content marketing, don’t worry. Get started with one of these creative ways to use video content to attract viewers. While it may seem daunting at first, the increased traffic and engagement you’ll generate will pay off. Just make sure you manage your time wisely, as creating videos can be a lengthy process.

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