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Now that you are going to open your restaurant, or if you want to remodel it and give it a new look, choosing the wholesale dining chairs for it can be quite a challenge. One of the pieces of furniture that is key to giving the style you are looking for and that your clients enjoy their stay are the chairs.

 We want to support you and pave the way for your restaurant to be a success. For this reason, today we share some ideas for the search for that essential furniture for your restaurant.

1. Resistance and materials

When you are looking for chairs for your restaurant, we must take into account whether there will be tables outside or only inside, since each space requires different types or even handles a different style. Among the decisive factors for the task, as you can well imagine, are resistance; verify that you can tolerate the maximum weight of 350 pounds.

In case your approach is to a more familiar environment, keep in mind the possibility that these adapt to the high chairs and that they combine. As for resistance, lean towards those made of durable materials, such as metal, steel and forging; polypropylene or polyethylene (ideal for interiors and exteriors). So also chairs with metal mesh.

2. Beware of clashing style.

The objective is that the chairs are also an element to attract customers, give visibility and personality to the business. They must be in harmony with the desired environment for the restaurant.

Therefore, there must be a connection between the style of the tables and the chairs; as well as the entire business proposal. For example, if the style of the restaurant is modern or classic, so should the chairs and tables, not mix styles.

3. Comfort at all times.

For our clients to enjoy their stay and want to return, the place must be a place that gives them perfect comfort, as if they were at home. A suggestion to achieve this is that you try them before you buy them.

4. The right size.

Just like the tables, the chairs cannot be too big, especially if space is limited; it all depends on the dimensions of the place. Chairs with wide arms can be a good idea, when it comes to comfort. You should also pay attention to the legs of the chairs; avoid those models with legs outwards, that is, legs that protrude from the measurements of the base of the chair.

In addition, the height also counts, since it affects comfort to facilitate mobility and the relationship with the table and the eating area. For this point, the legs of the chairs are key. Chairs without legs are not the best. If you have chairs of this type, there may be tripping of the clients and the waiters.

5. It is not necessary to unseat in the chairs.

First of all, before making the purchase, define your global budget for the furniture well. Once you have it, break it down into chairs, tables and other furniture. There’s no reason to compromise on quality and style for budget. There is a whole range of options, for every budget. Also look up estimates and compare prices.

6. Attractive aesthetics.

Make your chairs reflect a style with personality, defined, but unique and original. Adding a personal touch can be a huge draw for customers.

Now that you know, follow these tips so that everyone who enters your restaurant enjoys the entire experience, both the food and the atmosphere and place.

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