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Wearing jewelries are not always meant to look good; they also resemble a part of our culture. They have been used for thousands of years and serve different purposes. People may wonder that how are the jewelries used as a part of tradition, when it is used for looking fancy and stylish.

Well, here is the answer. In many parts of the world, jewelry has been used as a symbol of wealth, health, status or position.

Different countries make jewelries by using different materials. In the European countries, the jewelries are made with precious gemstones such as gold, silver, diamonds, pearls etc. Asian countries make their jewelries in different variations. They use gemstones to make expensive jewelry items. In the rural areas, people are unable to find gemstones so they make their ownjewelries by using colorful stones, metal scraps, colorful threads etc.

Let us look at some of the famous materials that are used for jewelry making. These materials include silver, gold, diamond, bronze, platinum, titanium, copper, brass, pearl etc.

There has been a growing fascination of the pearl and the antiquejewelries among the jewelry users. These types of jewelries add a different look to your outfit and give an elegant look. Pearl jewelries have been worn as a sign of good luck and wisdom. They are also known to possess calming effects due to their color and looks as well. Antique jewelries, as the name suggests, have been invented hundreds and thousands of years ago. Each antique jewelry piece represents the culture of their country by designing on the jewelry.

Another kind of jewelry that has garnered popularity is the vintage jewelry. These jewelries indicate the time or the dates of when the jewelry was made. The antique and the vintage jewelries are often made in different shapes from the other types of jewelries so that people do not get confused with the modern jewelries.

Gold and silver jewelries are used as a sign of purifying anything been touched. It also showcases the power of feminine powers, good health and prosperity.

Diamond jewelries have been associated with strength, health and a symbol of love. It is because the powerful leaders have worn diamonds when they were ruling the country. Diamonds also represent good health due to its durability.

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