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Pest Control

Have you recently started seeing pests scurrying around your kitchen? Perhaps an army of ants has started marching across your kitchen table or a few cockroaches seem to have moved in under the sink. Your first thought is probably to spring clean your kitchen from top to bottom.

When that doesn’t seem to deter the new critters from their invasion into your home, the next step is to use a variety of insect-killing sprays “guaranteed” to solve the problem. Unfortunately, though, the infestation might be bad enough to require expert pest control services.

Prevent Inferior Jobs by Asking the Right Questions

Searching for the right pest control services can be very daunting since they’re a dime a dozen. A Google search will provide you with countless options in and around your area. How will you know you’re making use of a reputable company?

Many so-called pest control companies won’t think twice about pulling the wool over your eyes. It’s important to ask the right questions BEFORE you hire any pest control teams to spray potentially toxic chemicals all over your home. We’ve compiled a list of the necessary questions to ask.

Does the Company have a License and Insurance?

Pest control companies with the right licences mean they fully comply with industry regulations. It also means they’re compelled by law to practice and adhere to the necessary safety guidelines. Licensed contractors follow the correct application methods with industry-approved products.

How Much Experience do the Technicians Have?

It’s important to establish the levels of experience offered by the technicians that will be applying potentially hazardous chemicals to your home. Not only will these chemicals come into contact with your family but your pets as well. So, ask about the methods and how long the company has been using their methods.

Do You Have a Website to Check Reviews?

Almost all businesses have some form of an online footprint. Checking the customer reviews on websites or social media will give you an idea of the level of service to expect. The website itself should also tell you about the kind of service you can expect.

Do You Provide Written Quotes?

Some unscrupulous companies might not think twice about deceiving their clients for an extra dollar. It’s easy to do this through quotes, especially if it starts as a verbal estimate. Customers end up paying more than necessary because they’ve already agreed to the process. Rather search for a company that offers free quotes and same-day inspection of the property.

Transparency is crucial at this point. Every step should be laid out in the written quote, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and exactly what you’ll be getting in return.

Is Your Treatments Safe for Humans, Pets and Plants?

It’s very crucial to determine the exact nature of the applications that will be used on your property and in your home. Don’t just assume the contractors have your best interests at heart. Enquire about the safety of your family, pets and plants around these chemicals and techniques.

You should also ask for the names of the products that they’ll use and do your own online checks if you feel uncertain. A simple online search will tell you if other people have had any negative health issues as a result of exposure.

Will You Just Exterminate or Will You Determine the Root Cause to Avoid Another Infestation?

An important point to get clarity on is whether the contractor will just apply a chemical to kill the surface insects or will something be done to eradicate the problem. You might think you’re paying for total extermination when in fact the contractors are only spraying a surface poison to kill the critters you can see.

By not determining the exact cause of the problem, the contractor is creating another money-making opportunity for himself down the line. Don’t fall into this trap.

Do We Need to Vacate the House During the Treatment?

Depending on the type of pest you’re dealing with, it might be necessary for you, your family and your pests to temporarily move out. Some poisons can be dangerous if inhaled for long periods. You need to be aware of this in advance to make the necessary arrangements, such as booking into a hotel for a night.

Find out about the radius of the application. Establish if it’s necessary to inform or warn neighbours of the extermination process. If the application will affect the neighbour’s property, they need to be informed as well.


Sometimes the only way to get rid of an insect problem is with the use of pest control services. However, it’s important to not randomly employ the first company you find on your search list. Ensuring you make use of a reputable company will safeguard your family from any potential harm. Ask the right questions to get the job done correctly and safely the first-time round!

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