VERIVERY once again set their new record on the Billboard chart.

VERIVERY, who made a debut at No.1 on the Billboard chart for the second consecutive time, once again hit their highest. The title track ‘Get Away’ from the recently released single ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]’ topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart for two consecutive weeks. Many K-pop artists went through the first place, but K-pop boy bands that have emerged in the overseas music market in such a short time are scarce. VERIVERY took a step toward becoming a representative artist of the K-pop scene. 

VERIVERY marked the new K-pop Generation’s beginning by topping the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart with ‘G.B.T.B.’ last year. They grew without hesitation for a short period and returned in March with more mature looks that VERIVERY had not seen. Their autobiographical story, ‘Facing Many Sides of Myself Inside Me’ and ‘Facing Darkness Inside Me,’ made the universe of VERIVERY. They made 15M views of ‘Get Away’ on YouTube in just six days after its release. 

Forbes released an in-depth interview with VERIVERY in early March and began to highlight VERIVERY’s performances. When VERIVERY reached number one in Week 10, Forbes selected five ‘Worth Noting Track,’ including VERIVERY’s ‘Get Away.’

Forbes said, “Still new to the American market, VERIVERY have only charted two tracks on the World Digital Song Sales chart so far in their time together, but they have a perfect record when it comes to rising all the way to the top. Both of the South Korean boy band’s charting hits, ‘G.B.T.B. (Go Beyond The Barrier)’ and now ‘Get Away,’ have hit No.1 on the tally, which shows they have a large and dedicated fan base in the U.S.”

We expect VERIVERY will return with more series in the future with a new concept and track. As VERIVERY is achieving an excellent reputation, they are attracting strong attention both abroad and in Korea. 

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