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7 Cute And Fashionable Ideas For Couples Jewelry

Couple jewelry has become the face of romance today. Right from the hotshot celebs to the couple next door everyone is submerged in the trend. But it’s not just the fashion people seek it’s the emotion they invest in. Just the idea of sharing something with your loved one is pure romance, also its so much better than getting a tattoo. But what to buy? Apparently, there are so many ideas bouncing around in the market that has charmed the buyer and at the same time sparked immense confusion.

Don’t worry we have got your back. We have trimmed down the ambiguities and weird designs and compiled a list of seven classic ideas for couple jewelry-

Two halves of a whole pendant-

Originally the set comes with two distinct necklaces which combine to become one. Now, this could be anything like two pieces of a heart, pieces of the puzzle, or a couple pictures. The concept might be different but the feeling remains the same. The sense of belongingness and being part of something bigger is the driving force for two halves of a whole pendant.

Couple bracelets-

Couple bracelets might be the simplest and most elegant thing to pull off the trend. When you can get bracelets with each other’s names, you can even try a simple set for two. This way you can keep the idea private and make it your thing. This by far is the classiest idea in the market today. Couples can portray their love by cutting the hassle of others noticing. Couple bracelet and necklace could be the best served for long term relationship goals.

Interlocking rings-

Just like relationship rings work best in pairs. Interlocking rings might display an independent design first but combined, it gives birth to a bigger picture. There is a mysterious flavor in their design something a couple could show off and make others jealous of their love. It’s quite different from his and her rings and works better.

Lock and Keychains-

There is pure passion in this design. One lock is meant for only the one with the right key works perfectly. Although it doesn’t need to be an actual lock and key, it could be hearts, animal shape and more.



Custom Jewelry-

Perhaps the most private idea among all. You can make something of your own design it could be a pendant or a bracelet, make it in a memorable shape with a quote that just the two share. The level and intensity shared by this idea is spell bounding.

Memory Lockets-

Let’s be honest lockets are ancient but they will never be obsolete. Now you can have a locket with each other pictures or opt for something creative. You can take some sand or stone from a memorable trip you took and turn it into a necklace or have a little message for each other scrolled inside a locket. Sharing such a thing is the cutest thing you will ever do.

Exchange Necklaces-

The easiest way in the couples matching jewelry sets is wearing each other’s lockets. Wearing not yours but your partner’s jewelry is something that will bring both of you a little closer. A sense of togetherness is shared forever.

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