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Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Also known as Alopecia, Hair Loss is getting in common-talks these days. The discovered problem is taking the masses into a great war between them and their concerns. This blanket term led its way towards the recognition of hereditary balding or the development of bald spots. While people are getting cautious of the problems related to hair loss, it seems to be going out of hands. Essential Oils for Hair Loss can help improve and patch up the issues, well. 

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Hair loss can be developed through a platter of reasons. It can include changes in hormones, stress, and anxiety, an increase in age, illness, malnourishment, genes, medications, or even overall health. Usage of essential oils can benefit the customer in getting their hair attractive as required without any damage. While these oils present the natural protective shield, it’s more evident to use these oils than any other product.  

Well, exercise, a balanced diet, and reduced stress can prove a good run to avoid hair loss besides using these oils! 

Essential Oils for Hair Loss | A Guide to Growth!

Oils can prove worthy of your scalp and roots of the hair if used wisely. As not all hair loss problems are the same, some issues might need your attention for effective understanding. 

If the concern leads you towards the scalp and other hair damage problems, oils can assist you quite easily. However, if the concern is inclined towards health issues, it would be wise to balance your diet with effective oiling.

Essential oils can help you cover the hair loss and bring it to a new normal without any side-effects. Not only prevention of hair loss, if all the factors are covered properly, you can also get your shiny hair. This article provides a list of a few of such essential oils to help the readers get their desired hair.   


Rosemary is not only quintessential for hair but also works its magic on the skin tissues. The effective oil works to treat dandruff, lice, greasy hair, as well as advances hair growth while stimulating the scalp. The represented oil is also significant for pitching regenerating tissues of the hair. If used suitably, the oil can give rise in hair growth within six months.

However, the high amount of 1,8-cineole content makes it unhealthy for infants and young children. So, it should be kept away from children. 


The commonly known leaves of Peppermint are also famous for their impact on gastric and digestive concerns. The identified natural leaves not only help as a stimulating oil but also function to enhance hair growth. Peppermint gets it all done with a rise in follicle depth, rise in follicle count, and a thickened dermal layer. These functions take not more than six weeks to reflect the occurring impact. 


Lavender is considered a multi-functional essential oil, effective for numerous tasks. The essential oil helps get many issues fixed with its normalizing and synergistic properties for many ailments process. With the same ailing properties, Lavender also gets the hair loss fixed for people. Moreover, the identified essential oil can benefit the irritated scalp and regeneration. The treatment of hair loss with Lavender helps in enhancing the behavior of hair as well. As natural oil is safe and ready to use, it can be applied to anybody without any side-effects. 


This agrarian essential oil, mostly used for hair loss, is widely popular for its medicinal properties. It is widely accepted for stimulating hair growth. As the infamous regenerating essential oil, it comprises mostly citronellol and geraniol. It gets geranium a high count of monoterpenes, which are the immune stimulants and general tonics. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the essential oil is worthy of treating hair loss for allergic or irritated skin. 


Cedarwood is another evident and beneficial essential oil that is good for scalp and hair loss. The natural ingredient helps people rescue themselves from hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, and oily hair. The prominent oil is useful for treating any kind of alopecia areata concerns. According to the studies, people applying Cedarwood every day for seven months can have no questions regarding its worth.  

Clary Sage

Another benefitting treatment of hair loss is the essential oil, Clary Sage. Well, remember, Clary Sage and Common Sage are two different elements. The vital use of Clary Sage is reducing hair loss and advancing hair growth. The capable essential oil is functional in reducing hair loss caused by stress hormones. However, this oil should not be taken while breastfeeding, pregnancy, or drinking alcohol due to its heavy impact.  

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is another essential oil useful for treating hair loss. With its multiple benefits and strong effects, people can easily use it to get their desired shiny hair. Chamomile is beneficial in minimizing hair loss caused by stress and anxiety as it gets the nervous disorders in control. The effective item is also striking in curing allergic, irritated, or itchy skin and scalp.  

FAQs | Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Do Essential Oils make your hair fall out?

While using hair oils, it is important to note the amount of diluting the product as directed. This may cause it to produce harmful effects, if not followed wisely. Well, if one follows the instructions and gets his/her desired results appropriately, one must not worry. However, these oils can produce certain effects even if not applied directly on the scalp, causing Telogen Effluvium. 

How to make Essential Oil Blends for Hair Loss?

Blending Essential Oils is an important task as it requires certain attention and proper follow-up of instructions. You can blend Peppermint-4 drops, Lavender-12 drops, and Rosemary-4 drops together to create an effective mixture. Further, you can also use Cedarwood–6 drops, Geranium–6 drops, Chamomile–5 drops, and Clary Sage–3 drops for responsive treatment. Both blends are for different purposes and impacts! 

Closure | Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Essential Oils can prove to be a good to go aspect if used wisely and carefully. You must note everything in-hand before opting for the advised essential oil. If the customer somehow feels propelling side-effects, one must consult before reducing or stopping any product usage.  

This article feeds the readers with all the vital details required to know about the Essential Oils for Hair Loss and hopes to benefit the readers from the same!

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