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The Southwestern Thai province of Krabi is a known paradise for local and international tourists alike. Foremost among its attractions are its natural wonders, such as its pristine aquamarine waters and lush forests, which are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. On top of these, Krabi is also inhabited by very warm and hospitable townspeople.

But what any outbound Malaysians should also know is that Krabi is also extremely welcoming to Muslim travellers. In fact, a sizable 40% of Krabi’s mixed population is Muslim. That means that there is no dearth of food establishments serving halal meals to foodies there. As such, Muslim Malaysians can eat to their heart’s content from restaurants that prepare food according to Islamic laws, without worrying if the ingredients are haram (forbidden) or mashbooh (questionable).

Several of these establishments are also Muslim-owned, and will have signage certifying that their food is dhabiha halal (“slaughtered in the correct manner”). Malaysians should be on the lookout for the following establishments if they want to feast on seafood, authentic Thai food, dim sum, and other delectable treats upon booking their Krabi tour package.

  1. PakNam Krabi Seafood. PakNam Krabi Seafood, located in the Mueang district, is one of the town’s go-to restaurants for fresh seafood. They have a large selection of dishes, some of which are also cooked with enough spice to satisfy a Malaysian diner’s palate. If the promise of newly caught seafood is not enough, dining here also affords a traveller a picturesque view of the Andaman Sea.
  2. De’Fish Seafood Restaurant. A close competitor to PakNam is the De’Fish Seafood Restaurant in Ao Nang, Krabi Town. It is an open-air establishment near a large supermarket, so it is ideal for those who like ordering their seafood by the kilogramme and having it cooked on the spot. De’Fish’s specialties are fresh seafood and Thai cuisine, but they also have a number of Western-style and vegetarian food options—for reference, just check their extensive menu!
  3. May & Zin Restaurant. May & Zin Restaurant, which is also in Ao Nang, Mueang district, advertises authentically Thai and authentically halal food. Bestsellers from May & Zin that Malaysians will likely enjoy their succulent pandan chicken and their hot, flavourful green curry.
  4. Madina Restaurant. Madina Restaurant is a Muslim-owned establishment located next to the Ban Khlong Haeng mosque. At Madina, they serve simple but nonetheless hearty fare. They are renowned for their curries, their spicy papaya salad, and the noodle dish that is iconic to Thailand, pad thai.
  5. Pyramids Restaurant. This restaurant is located near the Sugar Marina Resort in Ao Nang, and it offers up a menu of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern treats that are also halal. If you’d like to partake of strong and savoury flavours outside of Thai cuisine, you can go to Pyramids and get your fix of hummus, falafel, and chicken or beef kebab skewers.
  6. Abubak Halal Dim Sum. Abubak Halal Dim Sum in Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Krabi  offers a unique proposition: delicious dim sum dishes without pork or other non-halal ingredients. They also serve roti, rice porridge, satay, and other breakfast fare that is both familiar and nourishing to Malaysian palates.
  7. Pancake Rotee Yaminlah. Pancake Rotee Yaminlah in Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, is a must-visit for any Malaysian with a sweet tooth. This stall is known for its creative and saccharine adaptations of halal roti canai dough. You can’t go wrong with a sweet halal treat topped with bananas, Nutella hazelnut spread, cashew nuts, or just about anything else that you like!

As a travel destination, Krabi has it all: enchanting tourist sites, friendly and culturally sensitive inhabitants, and a lot of very good halal food. If you’re from Malaysia and looking to travel somewhere close to home—with all the same delicious comforts—then Krabi is the place to go. Jom makan (let’s eat)!

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