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Healthy and properly aligned teeth not only enhance the appearance of a person, it will also help the person to remain healthy since the food will be chewed properly. Hence people living thousand oaks, California should regularly consult the local dentist, to get a dental check up and ensure that their teeth are in good condition. One of the most reputed dental clinics in the thousand oaks dental clinic which offers a wide range of dental services. These dental services include general services like root canals to cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, veneers.

It is easier to get dental problems fixed if they are detected at an early stage, so people of all ages should undergo a dental checkup regularly. This usually involves cleaning the teeth to check if there is any problems. Since the back teeth are more likely to decay and develop cavities a few years after they are first formed, dental sealants are usually applied to the teeth to prevent cavity formation. Many people do not have sealants applied, so they may develop cavities in their teeth. Hence dental fillings may be required for the teeth to prevent further damage .

In addition to cavities, the teeth may also be damaged due to fractures. In case the tooth is damaged to a large  extent, dental fillings may not be adequate and the dentist may have to do a root canal to prevent extraction of the tooth. The root canal is usually completed after several sitting. After the root canal is completed a crown may be required for the tooth to protect the tooth, so that it does not break off. In some cases the tooth is completely decayed, so the dentist will have to extract the tooth. Depending on the position of the tooth, the complexity of the surgery will also vary.

After the tooth removed, there will be a gap in the mouth which makes it difficult to eat food. Hence doctors usually advise the patients to replace the extracted tooth with an implant. The implant will be similar to the tooth extracted and restore the dental structure. In case more than one tooth has been removed, the dentist will usually recommend that a bridge should be installed to replace the missing teeth. Senior Citizens often lose many of the teeth in their mouth due to the natural process of aging and the dentist will recommend the use of dentures to replace the missing teeth, so that they can eat normally.

In addition to general dentistry, the dental clinic also offers teeth whitening services for clients who get their teeth whitened. Many people have stains on their teeth after eating some food and this adversely affects their appearance. Hence many people are opting for teeth whitening. Veneers and laminates are another options used by many to improve their smile. Thes veneers are a thin shell of porcelain which can be used to cover the teeth and improve their shape. They are usually preferred since no tooth has to be removed to fix the venners in place.

While some people have which are perfectly aligned, many people have crooked, misaligned or producing teeth. While earlier metal braces were used for aligning teeth, they are cumbersome. Hence many children, teenagers and older people are opting to use Invisalign to get their teeth properly aligned. The dentist will use the latest computerized dental technology to create a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth and teeth. Then plastic braces will be made which will gradually move to the teeth slowly back to their desired position. These braces replaced with a new set periodically till the teeth are well aligned.

The dental clinic is using the latest technology in dental care to ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment for preventing dental  problems and also cosmetics dentistry. They believe in providing their patients all the information they  require so that the patient can make the right choice. Ensuring that the patient is comfortable is a top priority for the dental clinic. The clinic offers a relaxing atmosphere for its customers and uses oral sedation techniques to make the dental treatment pleasant. The dental clinic aims to build long term lasting relations with their patients by offering the best possible treatment.


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